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Relikk said:
Regarding PS1 emulation and SoTN, I've never had any issues playing it on XEBRA. Seems like a pretty solid emulator.

I've heard of it, looks great. It seems to emulate like a carbon copy of the PS1.

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All this emulation talk... I wonder if a name change isn't in order.....

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CiDeRmAn said:
All this emulation talk... I wonder if a name change isn't in order.....

Or a subforum

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Ok, to get back to some non emulation.

Went back to super mario bros, completed it there. I did use the A + Start option to restart the same world you die on though when I got to world 7. I'm sure I'll have another go in the future at a run through without getting a Game Over screen.

I started using a CRT telly I got a while ago as well, doesn't come out as well on my camera phone compared to the LCD PC monitor:

Going to start on some flight games for the NES next, not sure why but got a real craving for playing flight simulator games recently. Bought Stealth ATF, Captain Skyhawk and Ultimate Air Combat. Played them all for about 10 mins each, Stealth isn't the best but really like the other 2.

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Been playing battletoads on the NES, didn't own the game before but have a very hazy recollection of playing it as a kid, can't remember where though. Just completed the turbo tunnel level there, it's not as bad as people make out, after you've had like 20 goes at it to get it down. I used the warp at the start of level 1 to skip to the turbo tunnel so I could retry it over and over without having to spend time getting through levels 1 and 2.

Had been playing those flight sim games I mentioned in the last post as well, completed Captain Skyhawk but didn't get a pic of it as the end screen went away before I could get my phone from the other room

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Small break from the frustration that is Battletoads to play Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, got a loan of it from a friend. It's a fun game, the controls seem very tight and responsive. Beatable in a short amount of time as well, still has it's moments though that mean you wouldn't be able to complete it on a first go without losing any lives, where you need to fire boxes before you even see the enemies.

Some end screens:

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Was just playing through Simpsons arcade, getting a bit further each time (only 1 credit a go, have to copy the days of that last 20p coin in your pocket!)

Definitely one of the better Konami games, great fun playing together too. They didn't quite nail the intro sequence from the cartoon, musics a bit off, I think they have a cabinet in that new token place?

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They've got one in the Barcade in Cork anyway.


Might get scolded for this! Completed Earthbound, it's a nice game but it's plagued by problems. If you take it purely on it's RPG elements the game is pretty flawed, in the early part of the game in caves there's situations where you can easily become trapped between enemies and unable to heal or get away from them rendering your progress worthless. Then there's the menu and inventory system - it might be the most infuriating thing about the game, it's the worst item system I've seen in a 16-bit rpg so far. You are constantly trying to make more space and time and time again you get the message your inventory is full.

Another annoying part of the game is the awful amounts of slowdown, there is no reason for a snes rpg in 95 to suffer so badly from this. FF6 villages were full of NPC's moving about and the game never dropped a single frame, but here everytime there's a few NPC's or enemies on screen the frames crawl. Graphics don't mean much to me but it's hard to argue that the game doesn't look outdated even by snes standards. Another criticism is the PSI system, there's many times in the game deep in "dungeons" where you are relying on butterflies to randomly show up to replenish PSI.

It's still a good game overall, the quirkiness, dialogue and music are all great. The story is average but still unique since it's in a modern setting. Overall I'd give it a 7 - it's not a game I'd play without save states and I likely won't play it again. Again like in my previous reviews I'll compare it FF6/Chrono Trigger and it falls well short of even challenging those games.

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Didn't have much trouble with the gameplay in the game. Found the game very easy once you get out of the starting areas. Can only imagine it's tough if you skip a lot of battles. In fairness the battle system is standard dragon quest stuff although the rolling health meter is used in interesting ways during the game. As for the inventory, items aren't that useful so I found just keeping it relatively empty is fine.

Storywise though I think it's way ahead of the likes of Chrono Trigger and FF6. In fact I'd put it up there with Silent Hill 2 as pretty much one of the very few examples of videogame narrative that can stand toe to toe with the best other mediums off. FF6 and Chrono Trigger are standard fantasy/sci fi fare (told extremely well) but Earthbound is very different. It's a game designed to evoke feelings in the player. Read up on it, it's a lot deeper than the surface layer narrative. Some people think it's just weird and quirky but there's a lot more to it.

As for the slowdown, Earthbound is actually a far more advanced game than the likes of Chrono Trigger and FF6. There's a hell of a lot more underlying systems in play when walking around. It does lead to a lot of slowdown but I think it leads to a more interesting fleshed out world than a few NPCs that move randomly based on a seed value.

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Fair points, I'd disagree on the story being better than FF6, but I don't think it's a bad game at all. I know what you're trying to explain about how deep the emotional stuff is, the coffee and tea breaks were really thought provoking. I did feel that attachment throughout and really liked it. I just remember when I finished FF6 I couldn't get it out of my head for days, IMO it's one of the best games of all time so it might be unfair comparing it against other snes rpgs.

Playing Lufia 2 now, skipped the first one. It's excellent so far and maybe a bit underrated? It's very much in the mold of FF but with Zelda type strategy elements.

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Oh Lufia 2 is incredible. I'd recommend just playing the start of the first game. Lufia is a bit basic but the start of that game is essentially the end of Lufia 2. It sounds like it would spoil the game but it really adds to the story and it's such a unique way to tell a story.

Also there's a relationship between some characters which is something I've not seen in a game before. It's not the usual case where you know two characters are meant to end up with each other. It's something far more complicated and brave. Xenoblade did something similar but I feel Lufia 2 did it way better and it's surprisingly and realistic.

It's way ahead of its time and a shame more people don't recognise it.

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Still cracking through Demon Souls, progress slowly being made.
Killed Phalanx, Tower Knight, Armour Spider, Flamelurker, Vanguard, Adjudicator.

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Have 25 hours put into Xanadu Next on the PC and it's quite simply one of the best action RPGs I've ever played. Falcom just have a knack for this genre and nobody can top them.

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accensi0n said:
Small break from the frustration that is Battletoads to play Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, got a loan of it from a friend.

Proper old school nes playing here, borrowing games!!

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