pasta-solo Registered User

Hmmm, I've got Final Fantasy 9 and 10 here, wondering which one to play... I loved 6 and 7, found the junctioning system of 8 a little too confusing. Which should I go for?

Retr0gamer Category Moderator

Start with 9. It's the best since FF6 for me.

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o1s1n Registered User

Indeed, go with IX. X is a load of balls. And I'm not talking about the ones Wakka throws.

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pasta-solo Registered User

9 it is! Thanks!

Jack burton Registered User

Just finished a replaythrough of MGS3: Snake Eater

absolutly brilliant game. Hopefully the HD remake of the first 3 games is true

Augmerson Banned

Been playing Doom 3 on my laptop. Played through the game on the Xbox already but it's a better experience on the PC. I have an excellent set of Microsoft LifeChat headphones - I cannot play the game in the dark. The atmosphere is really unsettling. I wish my gfx card was better, it's only 64mb but does a decent job.

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grumula Registered User

nearly through the first medal of honour on the ps1-
never finished it first time 'round!
good times.

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o1s1n Registered User

Started playing Alan Wake the other night. Seems interesting, but after about three hours the fighting has me bored already. Same characters over and over. Then when a situation arises where a substantial character could be an interesting fight..they just turn into the same generic bad guy. Boring.

Anyway, Something seemed very familiar about the style of it. Then I realized - Max Payne!

So I googled Alan Wake to see if anyone else thought it was a bit of a Max Payne rip off (minus the fun gunplay) and it turns out it's made by the same people. I did not know that.

CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

Played a bit of Disneys Epic Mickey and its not half bad, my 7 year old is really enjoying it and while, yes, it does feel like a 3D platformer from 3 years ago, it is very impressive none the less, the depth of detail is great and if you happen to be of an age to appreciate Disney history and memorabilia then this is for you.
And it's as cheap as chips at the mo.

Currys/Pc World in Airside, Swords still have two copies of Sin And Punishment 2 for 20 each, also Singularity for the 360 for a tenner.
I picked up Beatles Rock Band for a fiver, thats the game only before you get too excited.
I was looking at Pokemon HeartGold for my boy, it was only 19.99, but it didn't come with the Pokewalker, as far as I know it is standard but the daft twat behind the counter insisted I was thinking of some "special edition".
What a muppet, looks like games shops don't have a monopoly on ill informed, heck, downright wrong, staff.

Hygro Registered User

Playing Vice City at the moment ... so happy that the PS3 I have is backwards compatible. I should really try to finish off Shadow of the Colossus come to think of it. Also bought Resident Evil 4 off a guy on adverts the other week as well, so a lot of PS2 stuff to keep me busy.

Might try out Loaded (for the PS1) on it over the weekend, see if that works and if it is as difficult as I recall..

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Augmerson Banned

Had a crack at Final Fight CD again tonight, it's not that easy - atleast for me. Going to have to put the practice in on this one.

Cunning Alias Registered User

Playing link to the past in preparation for the gameathon next week.

I haven't played it in years. The strange thing is, I will go into a dungeon and have no idea where to go, yet almost every choice I make is the correct one!

Setun Registered User

Picked up a SNES with Super Mario World and Syndicate during the week, so have been playing both. Used to play Syndicate Wars on PS1 (which I thought was excellent!), so I picked up the SNES prequel. Quite good I must say, they crammed a lot onto the cart, although there are some slightly annoying aspects to it too.

CiDeRmAn Category Moderator

I am heading into town today with my son and his cousins to a trad fest, may try to contrive a trip to Fade St to have wee look see.
Also I have a trip to Balbriggan market to look forward to in the morning!
We'll if you don't go you'll never know!

James Howlett Registered User

CiDeRmAn said:

Currys/Pc World in Airside, Swords still have two copies of Sin And Punishment 2 for 20 each, also Singularity for the 360 for a tenner.
I picked up Beatles Rock Band for a fiver, thats the game only before you get too excited.

Goddammit I was in there on Wednesday evening and didn't see that there. I popped in again this morning but no joy either. A little pissed off I then went into Harvey Norman's a few doors down.

All I walked away with was a sealed Zelda: Spirit Tracks for 6euro... not a bad start to the day

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