Cocoon Registered User

Wouldn't mind trying some of this stuff, did anybody find some even at full price?

rh555 Registered User

I did send Tesco customer service an email 2weeks ago about where I can find the closest Tesco to Sligo that still offers Franks Sauce but ofcourse all I got was their standard automatic reply of 'we have received your email bla bla bla' and then ofcourse nothing.

I was thinking of calling them but could only find this 'Low' call number which I assume is similar to the Sky Lo call number that always costs me a fortune when I call them. Damn thieves.

If anyone has a Tesco customer phone number thats just an ordinary irish number I would call them up (that only costs me 1cent/min) . Sometimes they have an extra phone number if you call outside from Ireland like ESB but i didnt find it on their contact page.
They should be able to find out which Tesco's still receive Franks if there are any left at all.

Maybe the deal that started this thread was just so they can get rid of their inventory.

I hope not but it sounds like there aren't many stores left that offer it.

dereko1969 Registered User

not that hard to find contact numbers for them go here

i'm fairly sure that 00800 number is free or local call cost but if you don't want to ring that then ring the dublin head office number 01 2808441

danielle_door Registered User

musgraves do a 5 litre one....

dmck Registered User

Really gonna miss this sauce. I know the Indian food supply shop near Leonards corner does a hot sauce, think it was called "crystal". It has a very similar vinegary taste to franks, might be worth a try for those having withdrawal symptoms, like me.

vibe666 Registered User

about a month ago, my local supervalu (johnstown, navan) started selling it. for some reason they have it in front of the butchers counter next to the fish, but it's definitely there, both the buffalo one (with the fake butter already in) and the regular hot sauce. they even have small condiment sized bottles too for use as a table sauce.

not sure if it was the importers trying to get shot of their last stock, or what, but it was still there a week or so ago the last time i was in.

maybe they have it in other supervalu's too?

rh555 Registered User

I called my closest supervalu and they didnt have it unfortunately. They may really be gone from Ireland except whats left in stock. Sux

gaz wac Registered User

Sofiztikated said:
Franks RedHot Sauce is on offer in Tesco for 99c, reduced from ?2.99.

Mine was mispriced, so I got 2 for free!

Got the last ten bottles on Saturday in Tesco Maynooth. Priced at .99 cent on shelf, but charged 2.99 at till...refund of €30 Happy Days

ANXIOUS Registered User

What sort of country do we live in that we can't even purchase the best hot sauce in the world??? I can take pension levies and pay cuts put this is a step too far.......

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D1976 Registered User


My brother bought a couple of bottles in a Eurospar shop and he also saw the sauce in a regular Spar shop.

D1976 Registered User

Folks my brother picked up a couple of bottles of Franks Finest in Eurospar at the weekend and he said it was available in Spar as well.

Raiser Registered User

Lol @ that guy

darc Registered User

the good news is levi roots regae regae sauce is now stocked as is his tomato ketchup. mmmmmm

Redsoxfan Registered User

You can buy Frank's online here

Great site-have used it before-postage is expensive, but the selection of hot sauce is fantastic.

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lindtee Registered User

Never heard of this sauce but now I want to try it! I'm addicted to all things of the chili variety. A very hot sauce that is available in Supervalu is Encona Hot pepper sauce, not for the faint hearted!

Also for those into fresh chilis, I find the Dunnes reduced to clear section great to get them cheap, usually around the euro mark for a huge bag of chilis. I've often got scotch bonnet chilis aswell for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. Mmmmmm chilis

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