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Dinxminx said:
What in the world are tiddles??

Ah you know nice tickles like gentle ones... the kind that give you goosebumps


I shouldn't have read this!!
I was happy being single 5 minutes ago....

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I shower him with kisses.
I cook for him.
I often txt him sexy/lovely txts throughout the day.
Look after him when he's sick.
I give pretty amazing cuddles/kisses! (so I'm led to believe)
I give him massages!
I give him x-rated treats whenever I can.
Sometimes I'll buy him things (if I know he wants something but hasn't the money atm)
I make him handmade cards (nicer cuz of the effort and time that goes into them)
I support him in whatever he does.
I make him laugh with my quirkiness and randomness!
I spoil him with my general deadlyness!

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I make his lunch. A bit 1950s housewife but I like to know he isn't living on greasy sausage rolls during the day and know he wouldn't have the discipline to make them himself every night.

Oh, and occasionally, I put little notes in the the sandwiches. Nothing too sappy but just something to say hello.


Apart from the obvious?

I give him a lie-in, get him books or DVDs I think he'd be into, cook him a nice meal I know he likes, ship the kids off & arrange a wk/end away, do something I know he wasn't looking forward to ie paint the hall...that kinda thing.

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