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Our (small) Yorkshire Terrier is almost 12 years old now. Recently we noticed that his rear end looked rather large and swollen which the vet informed us was a rectal prolapse. Apparently this can go at any time so we have the vet's emergency number in case it happens we've to get him seen to ASAP. He also has a crackle in one of his lungs so he tends to cough and splutter quite a bit and has been this way for a while. He was on anti-inflammatory meds for about a year because his leg wasn't right, but then he seemed to hurt it and wouldn't put it down so he was switched to steroids which have helped, though he seems to eat and drink a good deal more nowadays.

Obviously he's not getting any younger, he has a great personality and rarely misses a beat. A few months back the vet said he had the heart of a 50 year old, but that was before the development of the prolapse and highlighting of the lung problem. Hopefully the heart thing is still true. I think he also suggested that the kidneys can go in Yorkies so if he starts peeing a lot that's a sign of this problem. It's hard to believe he's almost 12, the time has gone by so fast.

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It's not nice to see your dog get ill

Were you looking for more advice on what you can do?

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I suppose I meant to ask if anyone had dealt with a rectal prolapse before. Apparently it will be somewhat obvious when it happens. He did a poo on the kitchen floor last night, suppose it could happen when he's straining. He's on some sort of special food that contains glucosamine (I think) which is to provide nutrients for his joints. We could only get a 3 or 5kg bag - he doesn't even weigh that much himself!

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Ah goodness the poor thing!
Yeah glucosamine helps with joints, I wonder could you get glucosamine& chondroitin? that's also for helping with cartilage around the joints (used to take it myself).
I've no experience of the prolapse but maybe someone else in here will and be able to give you more info

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Thanks, sp.

He's doing OK, I think. His cough has gotten worse, though.

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maybe bring him back to the vet? is there anything you can give him for the cough?

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The elders seem to be thinking of using a miniscule amount of Benylin..
A visit to the vet might be in order.

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Aye or even ring the vet for advice -- I wouldn't give any human medicines to dogs (or other animals) because they can do major damage or things we don't even know.

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Just an update on this. He's been a bit poorly lately and has been to the vet a few times. His leg was bandaged up for around 10 days because of a leg problem, turns out it was more of a toe problem, I think. His toe is sort of sticking out and is more or less dead. He was often licking his feet for one reason or another, nails being too long, etc. He's too old for surgery and it turns out he can't really stand now so going to the loo is difficult for him. The bandage has been left off and we dip his leg in salt water after he's been outside (with supervision) to prevent any infections. At this stage his lungs aren't great, he's not wheezing or anything, but he has a crackle or two. I don't things were helped by the fact that he fell all the way down stairs, this was a few days before the leg bandages were due to come off. I didn't see it, but I heard it and it was one of the most awful things I've ever heard. He seemed fine afterwards, didn't know what all of the fuss was about or why we were all worried. He didn't complain at all.

I was not at the vet appointment tonight, but the vet thought something might be now wrong with his spine (hence the not standing, suppose that could be from the fall or just down to the bad toe), but lungs seem to be the main sign of things going south. His mobility hasn't been great in the last few years and we've big mats in the kitchen specifically for him. He's a family pet so it's very sad in that sense. I don't think I'll get a pet of my own if I ever have a house or such.

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My sister has a 15 year old Jack Russell with a uterine prolapse and a cough similar to the one you described. She noticed the prolapse back in July and brought her to the vet who basically said that due to her age there was no point in operating on the prolapse as it could do more harm than good. She was sent home and told to keep an eye on her to see if she was in any pain or having difficulty going to the toilet or sitting down. As the prolapse appeared and grew so quickly we thought she only had a few weeks left but its now November and she is still in good form and doesn't seem to be bothered by the prolapse

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prolapses can be unpredictable, it might be tomorrow or it might never happen again as far as i know. only thing you can do is your best, ive heard certain foods can lessen the chances of it happening but i dont know how true that is

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I'm so sorry your dog is sick. I have a little yorkie she is only 18 months but this story has upset me. Not fair, poor dog.

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Black Oil - my heart goes out to ye, it must be heartbreaking to see him so sick - but you're doing your best and I'm sure he knows that.

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Thanks everyone. He sleeps a lot now (when do dogs not do this!). He doesn't seem down or anything so I hope he's in reasonably good spirits. He has to snort or bark to get our attention if he wants a drink even though there's a jar of water next to his bed. He's been given some steroids as well.

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Apparently, given the state of his lungs, we're not to expect more than a few months and we're to 'be prepared'.

On a more positive note, he seems in fairly good spirits, not depressed.

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