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Hi guys,
I've got a configuration issue and i'm stuck on dial up looking for a solution that you guys will probably be able to answer very easily.

I've got an unlocked 3g usb modem ZTE MF627 and a pre-paid irish O2 3G sim. I've been scratchin my head but cant get connected to the 2G network (Edge), Its not O2 supported kit so all they will tell me is the dial number, user/pass and apn name, but there has to be something else. I know the kit works as i've got my pre-paid o2 uk sim workin here also, (it however costs me £3 per mb) so would prefer to get my Irish sim working.

Anyone know what i require software wise or any further settings required for an O2 pay as you go 3g sim and a ZTE MF627+. I've tried some telstra software and another, no difference, O2 ire sim works for texts etc but wont connect to 3/2G network although it can see a signal.

Settings from O2 are
Pre-Paid O2 3G sim
Dial number *99#
Username : gprs
Password : gprs
APN : mobile.connect

Any ideas?

Paddy (stuck on dial up in clare)

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The APN looks wrong. I never used that when I had O2 Mobile Modem.

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apn open.internet

username and password leave blank

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sorry had meant open.internet, cheers for the reply.
Tried just now without username and password without any luck.

I went to the o2 shop today and they tell me its not possible to use an ordinary 3g simcard ie for a phone in a 3g usb modem as they are on different networks. I find this hard to believe but can anyone confirm? Vodafone shop was of the same opinion.
I'm in the country till tuesday on dial up so other than waiting till tuesday evening to google my heart out i'll be having to resort to downloading 61mb of samsung software for my phone at 2kb per second to use my phone's modem..... go me!!
Any other thoughts welcome.



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It's the one network. But the SIM package has to be set. Packages for Mobile Phones' SIM often disabled for tethered or Modem use.

However my O2 Modem SIM would not work in Slovakia, but the SIM from my Mobile Phone (O2) did work in Slovakia. But my phone is BILL PAY, not PAYG

It's just O2 package settings on the SIM. All the SIMs are identical. There only is one Physical 3G Network and GSM Network. Not separate ones for Modem or Phone Data SIM.

I don't have it anymore and uninstalled the SW.

It sounds like your account doesn't exist or is not enabled for Data Modem use. A 3G pay as you Go Sim for Voice would not generally allow dedicated Data modem use. You need a different account type on the SIM

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open.internet only works for billpay. Use pp.internet for prepay. Alternatively use internet.

User/pass not required.

All prepay accounts are provisioned for them as standard.

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hey guys,
cheers for the replies,
the settings i found eventually on the O2 site got me on were as below.
Hope this helps someone else out! (Joyous 2/3G in west clare on O2, time to look at vodafone as its got better reception!)

Dial number = *99#
username = gprs
password = gprs

APN = internet


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Cheers and enjoy.

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