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not sure if here or the travel forum is the best place for this.

Am i alone in being completely bemused by how Aer Lingus' gold circle works?

I have made dozens of flights with them over the past 12 months and always book using my profile. Some flights do qualify, some don't and I have no idea what the criteria is for this.

Sometimes I might get 100 points, but then my balance says N/A??

it appears to be really hard to earn any points in their scheme, am I right in thinking this or should i take it up with EI themselves?

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Some fare classes don't qualify for GC points. Aer Lingus have all the details in the frequent flyer section of the If you get no joy there, email they're usually good at getting back to you in under a week...

The text below is straight from the Frequent Flyer section of the Aer Lingus website:

Earn points on Aer Lingus flights

Gold Circle Points are awarded as per the table below when travelling on any valid Aer Lingus scheduled flight in the following eligible booking classes J, C, D, Y, B, L, H, K, M, V, N, X, S and R. Flights not qualifying for points do not appear on your statement. These classes are identified as "W" "Z" and "A" class.

To identify your booking class before purchase click on “Terms and Conditions” during the reservation process. You will then be presented with a window and the fare basis codes will be displayed at the bottom of the page. Your booked class is the first letter of the sequence. In the example below, “K” is the outbound class and “V” is the inbound class.

Fare Basis Codes:

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