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I'm thinking of purchasing a (very cheap) 1990 Ducato 2.5td based Autoking Elddis 630ck motorhome (60k miles) as I really like the styling and the way that the space is utilized and I need some advice as I know nothing about them. Are they a good engine/ gearbox ? I have heard about problems with judder and the clutch/ gearbox wanting to explode when reversing up a steep incline on Ducato's, does this also apply to the 1990 versions ? I have also heard that the electrics are a nightmare and that they eat wheel bearings ? Are there some other inherant problem with the rear brakes ? Are there any specific questions to ask or things to check for ? How about metal fatigue areas ? What about MPG ? Weight ? Measurements (internal height and external) length and breadth ? Would comparing a 1990 2.5td to a new(ish) one be similar to comparing a pre 00'Iveco daily to a new one (i.e. the old ones were more reliable, better built and easier to fix) ?
I understand that my questions may seem quite basic but i've been unable to dig up any information on the net on these vehicles. I have an advanced knowledge of mechanics/ electrics etc as I have been a marine engineer for many years and I do not want to get stuck with a lemon. Any advice/ links to reviews/ articles/ spec sheets would be greatly appreciated.

Alternatively, if anyone has any 6 berth, luton type motorhomes/ campers in good condition that are lying around collecting dust give me a shout. I'm in the market for a bargain, nothing too pricey, nothing too shabby. If the price is right, the vehicle is reliable, clean, large, dry and you want it shifted quickly, call me, unfinished projects welcome. I'm a cash buyer and need a motorhome to live in asap as the bank are after the house, i've been looking for a few months now, at home and abroad and have weighed my options wisely, so, respectfully, no dreamers !

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When they were in regular service, these old Ducatos used to clock up half a million kilometers without much fuss.
Standing around for nearly 20 years with the odd interruption for holidays may have introduced its own problems to all sort of components.
That gearbox shudder you mention seems to be on later models, these earlier ones have one with oil starvation of the fifth gear as that is sort of annexed to the main gearbox and needs the oil over-filled slightly.

The 2.5 td is a fine engine, got one myself, lots of pulling power (for its age)
with a heavy camper, fuel consumption is between 10 - 15 l / 100 km depending on the weight of your right foot.

Electrics on the Ducato can be a bit of a nightmare, as wires have been distributed around willy-nilly and with age some of them break or connectors least the engine is purely mechanic / non-electronic

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I've a 1992 2.5 Ducato on my van. Its a straight, not turbo (I think the 1.9 is the common turbo?)

It appears to be rock solid and I've done a 1,200mile trip in it this year. MPG for that trip with the van fairly well loaded, 2 adults, 3 kids, plus 3 bikes on back, 2 canoes & roofbox on top was averaging 24mpg.. I reckon without the bikes and canoes, you can push up to 30mpg...

The "reversing judder" is only applicable to recently built vans, so no need to worry there.. The only major complaint I've heard about on the Ducato, is people losing 5th gear. However, my guess is that if it serviced and used regularly, then the gearbox should be in reasonable condition.


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Thanks guys, very positive feedback, must check out the 5th gear, what are the signs that it is on the way out ? Good to hear that they are more mechanical than electronic. I'm still at a loose end as to dimensions, weights and capacities though even though i've trawled the net (pardon the pun).
Thanks again.

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Never heard of that model but the "630" suggests its about 6.30m long, which fits in with it being a 6 berth, most of the luton types are 2.8-3.0m high and about 2.2-2.3m wide. Calculate a payload of about 500-750kg, depending. Its usually enough unless you're on the boat back home full of beer, wine and the like.

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