ShiverinEskimo Hosted Moderator

I'm having terrible issues this evening performing DNS lookups. Takes about 10 to 20 seconds to do the lookup but once done the page loads in normal time.

In Dundalk - wondering if it's me or if anyone else is having issues.

Finical Registered User

Same problem here in Mayo and it won't let me log onto my ps3.

ethernet Registered User

Not in that area myself but (even temporarily) switching to OpenDNS might help your situation.

MartyM Registered User

Yip....was just about to post! I'm in Sandyford area....

I think the DNS servers are going up and down.....running full diagnostics, it fails on the IP test, then next time it will pass!??

ShiverinEskimo Hosted Moderator

Yea I first noticed when I tried to log into Xbox Live. Tried the PC and it's the same.

pdebarra Registered User

Yeah, noticed in Donegal and Kildare also.

ShiverinEskimo Hosted Moderator

Seems to be getting better now actually but could be intermittent as MartyM said.

glossy Registered User

here as well in D15,

MartyM Registered User

ethernet said:
Not in that area myself but (even temporarily) switching to OpenDNS might help your situation.

hi ethernet, how do I switch? Is it just via the browser? Whats the actual IP address of OpenDNS?


FruitLover Butt Demon

Try a different server. or

Edit: hmm, a bit slow. is one of the Open DNS servers.

You could also try extending your DNS cache timeout settings so you don't need to do lookups so often.

Fuzzy Clam Registered User

Slow here and can't access eircom mail either.

Venom Registered User

Having problems here as well. On eircom and can connect to some sites like fine but others like google are a no go.

Blazer Registered User

same in Pallaskenry Limerick
but disconnecting from my router and reconnecting seems to be working fine now again. prob dumb luck though

Sir Oxman Registered User

Same in North Dublin - have switched to Open DNS and is okay now.

blubloblu Registered User

I would highly recommend that everyone take one minute to switch to OpenDNS.

They're much faster and have loads of features that are actually useful.

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