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I am in the processof buying a house in the Oughterany Village the last row of development. There are about 10-12 houses in that row yet to be completed.
When I spoke to developer at the very beginning, he said my house will be ready by end of 08, so I gave him a deposit and got mortgage sorted. Not that I did believe him, but rather hoped he will have it by summer. Tough luck, the state of the houses is exactly the same as before Christmas.
So the dilemma is: I'm getting annoyed with your man, my mortgage offer is due to expire (year since I singed up for it). So the bank will not give me as much, and the builder might not drop the price. I am bound by the contract where he has 18 months to finish it up, and we are only half way through these 18 months. I know sounds like a deep sh*t.
I wanna see if there is people who also bought their houses in the neighborhood and waiting its completion, compare our contract signing date, discuss the progress and so on.
If anyone concern about their privacy, PM me. never know what kinda scum you can get into nowadays.

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Don't use white font please.

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sorry, my bad, the formatting is too complicated for me.

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Talk to your lender and see what they say.

Check the contract to see if it is subject to mortgage approval.

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I have bought a house in the oughterany village development last year, i would like to give you some information in a private message,

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Cheers, Dub12, i'll check my PMs.

to Victor:
my contract was subject to mortgage approval, but at the time i was preapproved and then signed contract.
I will check the contract again if the final sale is subject to mortgage beeing approved.

anyone else is buying the house there?

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