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Elmo, bear in mind that Tv3 is a commercially funded station & that a drop in advertising revenue has led to redundancies earlier this Summer (maybe in two stages & about 20?).
Everything is done to a strict budget including the "let's go outside to speak to some of the contestants' friends & family in the green room aka, what Ireland-AM uses & which we've just used a throw-over to cover-up although not very well!" bit.

DO'Carlo/Wex bear in mind that TV3 earned around 62 million last year alone, in commercial revenue. I will bare in mind that they will see short falls this year but they do have a budget which in my opinion was well below what was required for this show, they could have easily but a bit more money into this in-house production. While the show was not a rating success this was due mainly to the very bad production values rather then the idea, some of the tasks were like they thought of them the week before hand rather then the three months they had to develop the idea of the show.

They would have been better to rent out a venue (where was that warehouse they where using?) for the results show. It's about show biz as Mr. Lambourgine man suggested time and time again.

The drivers of the jeeps doing it for expenses was in Sunday Tribune.
The judges admitted somewhere (possibly Tribune) that they were doing it for expenses too.
In fairness they got their' products mentioned. For instance Gerry Lundberg P.R. was made aware of to the viewers. So was Ema Leddens' Consultancy Firm & Michael Dohertys' VIP magazine & Anniversary Party got serious promotion as did You Magazine which sponsored the online coverage on Tv3.ie.

Product placement is actually against the law and will not be allow until September sometime. Gerry Lundberg did the worst of out this show to be honest. Did Jeep sponsor the show? could they have not paid for drivers? If your going to make money to have to invest some.

You magazine was the main sponsor of the show, just in the same way as the National Lottery sponsor Coronation Street.

Also if several of the components (including the contestants) were made freely available to TV3 then they should have been able to produce a better show, I am sure that the TV3 staff didn't earn anything extra for this show, more than likely it was produced by the same people that produce Xpose. The show sounds like it was made for approx 10euro extra than if they had not chosen to produce it.

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When's Sean supposed to be starting on Xpose? I thought he was starting at the start of September?

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He is starting next Monday, with the daily dish.

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So what does everyone think of Sean now that he's had one week on the show?

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