lads anyone familiar with these tractors, looking on tinernet and there seems to be a fair few around from the 2000 onwards with 4 to 5 thouasand hrs, they have the older type bonnet but I always thought they were a real tidy looking tractor..are they much like the 110-90 or have they alot of electronics. do they give trouble or whats the general feeling on them and how are they on fuel, have a newer type massey and find it heavy enough on juice

powerfarmer Registered User

Ya i noticed that too, theres quite a few of them on the market.
Neighbour just bought a 01 one 5k hours and in fairly tidy condition.
Any of the ones I've seen all have the SLE gearbox and electronic lift controls, air con and 4 spools. So looks like quite a bit of electronics but seems to be reliable.

Maybe there was lower spec mechanical version too? I know that the 7840s were available in an "special" version with the SLE gearbox but mechanical control lift.

On 110-90s local NH mechanic says that the nearest thing to a 110-90 is a TM 120 classic , basic spec tractor, apparently the backend is similar


do you mind me asking what type of ballpark figure he had to cough up?

powerfarmer Registered User

I'd like to know that myself!! He wouldnt say he's very coy when it comes to how much he pays for stuff!

maidhc Registered User

We have a 2000 TS115 from new. It has 3,000 hours up.

It has a 7.5L normally aspirated Powerstar engine bolted onto an 8340 back end. Ours is the equivalent of the "SL" spec. Basically a 12x12 gearbox with dual power, manual lift and 2 spools.

The only problems with it in 9 years was the PTO failed under warranty (when it was 6 months old) and last year the fan belt snapped. Otherwise it has been flawless.

It isn't the most hectic tractor to pull, and to be honest the zetor 6340 (80hp) we had before it wasn't much slower with a load. It is a bit rough on the road too. It can of course be turbocharged as most of them are, but we have not had the need for the 130 or so hp this can deliver.

As regards fuel, I actually don't know. It definately burns more than a Ford 4000, it has a 200L tank and it will be quite empty after a full day mowing. Expect to burn half as much baling.


good info cheers

mooverlive Registered User

had one of these guess it was a monday morning job ;it broke my heart for 3 years had to get rid of it the back end of it was pure putty, broke crown and pinion and blew clutch pack which i got done in it about 2 months earlier when she went she was ecellant power wise she was throwing out about 140 hp still stayed with newholland bought a ts125a

padraickane Registered User

lads i have a massey 1995 135 horse now i want to move to a new holland ts 115 turbo what is the best model an year to buy all info welcome

sthil Registered User

I bought 03 ts115 off local dealer about 2 months ago, its an sle special with left hand reverse and manual lift controls. It has a turbo which brings it up to about 130 hp. There`s 600x65x38 on back and 480x65x28 on front. Had to give 18k with my 7740 for it, 7740 had 12000 hours on it and needed a bit of work . I got 2 new back tyres worth about 2500 and 6 month warranty, was best deal around locally , good black chassis 115`s are making up to 30k

planning Registered User

We bough our ts115 turbo new in 2001. We have 9000 hrs up on. The tractor was never spared. Hope to get another few years out of it.

coronaextra Registered User

Used to drive a 2001 ts115 a few years back, non turbo, with only two power shifts (dual power). had it attached mostly to a wood chipper, and also done a good bit of road work with it, had a loader attached on the front.
Never had any problems at all, it may have been a bit light for road work, always seemed to be bouncing around ( however the loader may have had something to do with this). As mentioned above it didnt seem to be the best for pulling either but then it only had 100 horses and with the dual power you would have to clutch and change gear when it started to die going up the hill with a heavy load. Therefore the sle model would be better for road work etc.

As for going turbo I have never driven one but that seems a serious power increase! Did they ever leave the factory with a turbo or was it an aftermarket bolt on? And does anyone know should the pistons and rings be changed when fitting the turbo to this engine?

maidhc Registered User

coronaextra said:

As for going turbo I have never driven one but that seems a serious power increase! Did they ever leave the factory with a turbo or was it an aftermarket bolt on? And does anyone know should the pistons and rings be changed when fitting the turbo to this engine?

All aftermarket jobs. According to the main dealer the pistons and rings should be replaced according to the book, but they never are.


Drove a ts 115 for a few summers drawing silage. Didnt like i atall, was too light trailer kept pushin it around the place, couldnt wait to get back up on the old TW.That said it was probably just too small for the job it was being asked to do.Not sure if it was my imagination but I seemed to find the TW far more manoeuvrable round tight yards..

elius Registered User

Use to use a Ts in work Non turbo model. As mentioned above didnt really like it at all. Much preferred the TM Model with the auto box. Awefully comfy and plenty of power!!!

martydunf Registered User

What are they like for general farm use tho? Thinking about getting one but it wont be used to draw silage or any heavy work like that..

I havent heard great things about them in the past, but from reading the above comments they dont seem that bad or troublesome, so how suited would they be for general farm use?

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