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Hi Guys.
I wonder if you have heard of Gaire? Well, it's a site that claims to promote free speech, and it does, as long as what you say conforms to the cosy consensus of its inner circle. If you do not subscribe to that point of view, that inner circle is free to hurl personal abuse at you, and if you try to fight back, you get banned. There is an inner circle of bullies who control the whole thing, and those bullies have carte blanche.
The sad thing is that they are all in denial about it.
Recently, a young man started a thread who was looking for support. He was not out yet, and did not want to come out at this time. He was bullied, intimidated, subjected to vile bitchiness, and left the site in disgust. Because I supported him, I was subjected to sexual innuendos and personal abuse.
I do not support gay marriage, but I do support civil partnership. Because of my stance, the Gaire bullies, masquerading as moderators, vilified me, and when I had the temerity to answer them, I was banned from the site, even though I am a fully paid up member, and have been for longer than most of said bullies.
That is Gaire. Judge for yourselves!

The Sweeper Patience, grasshoppa

gezzamac, this is not really the forum for you to complain about Gaire.

Additionally, as a website we're not all that interested in slagging off other websites. The Gaire folks do their own thing, and you're free to be a member there, or not. If you escalated your issue on that forum with its administrators, using that site's own complaints process, and didn't get anywhere, then to be honest, that's between you and the Gaire folks.

The best thing to do from here on out is probably just get on with it - welcome to Make sure you read through your sign up email, and read the charters on each forum here before you post, to ensure you don't breach any specific forum rules. Good luck and we hope you enjoy

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