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I got an email from my brother living abroad about a book i used to have as a child, which contained a trick that allowed you to figure out another person's age and the money in their pocket, simply by asking them a few simple question, and a small bit of maths.
i dont have the book anymore and cannot remember the trick for the life of me.

Anyone know the trick, heard of it, or know how to find more about it? would be much appreciated if someone could help me out on it.

watty Registered User

I remember reading how to do that trick. But I forget the details

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King Mob Registered User

I think I saw a trick like this recently.

Was the amount of change written down on a piece of paper?

kearneybobs Registered User

I'm sure it works in the same way as writing it down on a piece of paper aswell. After all, It is only a 'random nummber'. Having €1.45 in your pocket is pretty similar having it written down (for the trick that is), in the end its just multiplying numbers, i think!

Any help would be much appreciated.

kearneybobs Registered User

watty said:
I remember reading how to do that trick. But I forget the details

Any chance you remember where you saw it?

watty Registered User

It may have been a Lewis Carroll book of Mathematical puzzles.

I'm sure it's related to this kind of trick ...

The reason I never do tricks is the patter & misdirection. That's where the entertainment and mistique is. I can't do those.

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Dubliner28 Registered User

Grey Elephant from Denmark

I remember this one

RLJ Registered User

It could be done with a small pad and a swami gimmick, a small nail writer. You ask the person to count the money and then write it down with the nail writer

??? Registered User

Way to spoil a ridiculously hilarious thread!

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