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I had two wisdom teeth (plus one more) extracted under sedation a few weeks ago. Most of the pain is gone now (post-op infection, not fun) but there seem to be some small, sharp fragments of either tooth or bone poking through my gums. I've been treating them with Medijel (similar to Bonjela), but my question is: is this a normal after-effect of this type of surgery?

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I had the same problem. Went back to see the guy who did procedure, Went for another X ray and they suggested going through procedure again for it to be cleaned out. I was not too impressed! Thankfully it has settled down now. Try eating your food over this area, as the force may help to push down fragments and allow gum to heal over.

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Happened to me before. Best go back to the dentist and get them removed.

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I have an appointment for cleaning in about three weeks with my regular dentist, I guess she'll be able to deal with this if it's still an issue? I don't much feel like going back to hospital for what seems to be a minor problem.

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I wouldn't wait at all. Iirc the sharpness of the pain is likely due to infection and that should be tackled asap. Give your regular dentist a call and get their advice.

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i would recommend going back to the guy that did the surgery if it's convenient. what you complain of is a relatively common occurrence which sometimes does not require any treatment ( tiny fragments often fall out by themselves), but it may be more than that and the surgeon who did it would like to know whether or not things are healing well.

you probably already went back for a post op consult but there is no harm going back twice if necessary. I find with surgical cases some patients often suffer unnessarily at home when a small intervention may bring comfort.

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I've been down the infection route, and this is much more mouth-ulcer grade; it's not particularly toothachy, more like when you've chewed something sharp and cut your gum.

I didn't have a post-op consult. I guess I should call the consultant and see about having one.

Cheers for the advice, y'all.

oscarBravo Custodiam ipsos custodes

Just a quick followup - one of these fell out by itself, and the other one wasn't causing me any major discomfort (apart from scraping the side of my tongue), so I was leaving it alone. Today, on a hunch, I pulled hard on the remaining one with a fingernail, and it came out - tiny little thing, but needle-sharp.

So I'm all better now - yay!

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