violator13 Registered User

Hi anybody know of a dealer selling Giant up there?

paddyb Registered User

Ive bought from mcconveys in belfast before.
Check out cycle superstore because for a few bikes that i was looking at, they were the same price/cheaper there.

macadam Registered User

There are anumber of cycle shops in Newry, james McComiskey Dromintee wont be beaten on price. Bridge cycles Newry. There is another one very good in Bessbrook, Border cycles.There is also one right down the end of the canal that does all Speciallized stuff .

Sorry I have not the numbers as herself fcuks everthing in the bin.
Bought a 1.9 Trek of McComiskey and saved €700 compared to down here .

violator13 Registered User

not sure if the Giant are much cheaper up north but will look into it.

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