Spectreon666 Registered User

Does anyone know of any AIB Banks in Dublin that may be open on a Sat?


I don't think any of them too.

A list of Branches is here and it contains opening times too

You can conduct some AIB transactions (cash lodgements I believe) in the post office which re open on Saturdays.

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madmik Registered User

halifax is the only bank that feels a need to serve customers on saturdays afaik

i personally feel the regulator should step in and make them all open for at least a half day on saturdays

and stay open til 8pm weeknights like other countries

restricted banking from 10-4 is bollox

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stepbar Registered User

Would you be prepared to pay for it by way of fees? Because let me tell you if Halifax last the course in Ireland I'll be very suprised.

madmik Registered User

recession is in many countries and their banks can still manage to open on evenings and weekends

daithijjj Registered User

Halifax will be fine where i live, plenty of folk have moved to them just for their opening times, especially younger people. PTSB is open for 5 and a half hours on one weekday, cant remember which day, total joke.

Aib opens at half 9 locally.

sodabread Registered User

Some AIB branches in Dublin (specifically the Clondalkin village one) close for 1 hour at lunch time. Can you believe that? Five hours opening , four and a half on a wednesday due to staff training.......

stepbar Registered User

madmik said:
recession is in many countries and their banks can still manage to open on evenings and weekends

And you'll find that they pay fees for the pleasure of having these comforts.



And that's on a very small proportion of what the likes of AIB / BOI have in assets / liabilities.

BuffyBot Administrator

AIB did have some branches that opened on Saturdays for non-cash transactions. That died out pretty quickly though.

stepbar Registered User

I agree that mainstream branches should open to at least 6pm weekdays but unless customers are prepared to pay the cost of providing such services it won't happen in the short term. The way things are going I doubt customers are prepared to pay for anything these days.

In any event there's SFA that can be transacted on a Saturday bar lodging cash / chqs and perhaps opening an account. Any real business is transacted (all over the world) from Monday to Friday.

The post office does provide a service for AIB customers and perhaps it shoukd be rolled out to other banks but again there's a cost to same and unless customers are prepared to pay for same it won't happen.

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