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Just just got word yesterday that I have been accepted and am travelling to Templemore this weekend for training.You normally have to visit the local station twice for interview. This I believe is a means by which they can judge your character and are more informal chats really.They just want to be sure of your level of commitment and that you know what you are getting yourself into.Roll on the Weekend.

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Well done Kieran are you staying in Hotel in Thurles by any chance. Good Luck Fred

KIERAN61 Registered User

Hi Fred,
Thanks Not overly sure about accomodation ???.Have yet to be contacted by local station think they have to provide transport to Templemore.Have to be there for 9 bells for uniform fitting.

freddiew Registered User

Hi Kieran, do you not go to somewhere in Santry for Uniform fitting.

KIERAN61 Registered User

No Fred that is only for Dublin based reservists who don't have to be in Templemore until 11am Saturday

KIERAN61 Registered User

Hi guys,
In response to the query about bringing tracksuit and trainers I think there is a self defence session organised for Saturday afternoon.Well done Fred if you haven't been already medical is next and then Two interviews at local station.I was told by a local inspector that the most common failure at the medical is poor eyesight.When I was there a couple of the guys failed the hearing test. Must be all those nightclubs.I was blessed the doc said I was the fittest person he had seen all day and I am in my 40's so there is hope out there for those who are older.

freddiew Registered User

Thanks for that Kieran. Yes, like me older ! I will be interested to hear about the self defense when you get back.

freddiew Registered User

Thanks Kieran, that's helpful. All the best at the weekend. Let me know how it goes. Fred

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Best wishes to all who have been sccepted to date. I am a member of the reserve based in the Dublin area. I am sure you will all have a great time in Templemore.

Good Luck


KIERAN61 Registered User

Good question 69sparkie69 I too have had Hep B Jab as I do First Aid at work.Seemingly alot of young girls tend to bite so I'm told so it should be mandatory.As for your other question I dont think a bit of a spare tyre will be a problem .I am very slim myself but one of the guys with me was 59 and he passed and he wasnt a greyhound either so I think you should be ok.Just got word of my lift to Templemore from the barracks so it's all systems go.

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hi kieran.
a guy of 59...??? fecking hell....well fair play.. and well done to him too.. is he heading down to templemore as well..??? so who`s bringing you down there..?? are ya in the back of a squad car or van..??? there`s a guy from where i am, he`s heading down there today after work.. think he`s bringing his own car..and getting paid mileage.. so have you been fitted up for the uniform yet..or will you pick it up down there..?? another question, will they issue you a warrant card when finished training..?? i`m fecking envious of you lot now.. wish i were going down there myself.. but roll on the end of may..

KIERAN61 Registered User

Dont know if the 59 yr old guy from Cork is going to be there or not hope so he was a top bloke.As for the lift dont know what I am going to be picked up in.Bet the neighbours will think I am been carted off to jail especially with the weekend bag.As for uniform those from outside the big smoke are getting measured up tomorrow dont know anything about cards???

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Hi all, I have been following the posts, seems that the issue of the Reserve is getting easier to talk about, I posted much earlier on in the thread when everyone was a little shy, but as mentioned, a mate of mine was on the pilot scheme and is attached to a DMR station, she is getting on fine, and is well settled in, in fact, I think she is already up to 200 ish hours. She was issued with id when she was attested same a full time member, and her id is kept in her station, as it is for duty periods only, which makes sence. She has gone through the Hep B jabs, but I asked her if any of the gang with her had already had them, and she said a guy in the lifeboat had, so I think he did not have to get them again. If any of you have any more questions, I can ask her, so let me know.


69sparkie69 Awaiting Email Confirmation

hi wex.
great to know that you have someone on the inside,so to speak..ha ha..thats an interesting one about the id..she only gets it when she is going out on duty..?? wouldn`t the uniform, ect. be more of an identity..??
That's good news about the hep. B jab. no harm to have it..the hair fails off eventually from the plarm`s of your hands....!!!! ha ha..only messing,not..
Can you find out from her, has she been approached by anyone from the gra, as i`ve a query about this..example, say the guards have another blue flu day,,where does that leave the reserves, should they turn up for duty..?? do get my drift..?? she getting on with it, where does she patrol..??

wex Registered User

I will ask about the GRA thing, but I would assume as time rolls on and more reserves pass out, some sort of forum would have to be set up to discuss any problems. She is mostly on beats in the city, but has also had station duty and static post duty. I would assume that if there were no Guards to patrol with, she would be on station duty.

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