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maciek87 said:
AEG to GBB? Huh? Well... GBB`s are great, but... they`ll sell kit probably without magazines (or with accordingly higher prices), and taking under consideration cost of the rifle... Uff, if everything together (I mean Tavor plus GBB kit + Mags) will cost less than, lets say, 800 euros MINIMUM(gas mags are Dear - with capital D in front of it, and GBB will be dear - I can bet, + gas mags are not taking much bbs, so you need at least 5 of them)...

And, as well, I`d like to say that Ares is using CG`s licence to produce TAR (so Ares TAR 21 will have fo 99% markings). TSI - probably not (if they will have that - will end up in court again...:-/).

Taking under consider high costs, there is as well issue with realiability with GBB`s...

I would say, that I preffer to get Ares TAR21, that taking TSI version, than, after few months (if TSI ver. will have good reviews, and will be worth its money), I`ll consider TSI`s GBB.

I`d like to say as well, when I`ll buy and GBB rifle - ebaybanned is selling GBB M4. for much much cheaper.

But thats (of course) only my personal approach to the subject :-D

Well you see it can only be a matter of months before we have a clone version anyway, so if I hold on to my €480 now to see if the TSI version A) ever gets released and B) has the fabled GBB kit then chances are there'll be a cheaper alternative to the ARES TAR-21 should I decide to go for an AEG one. Undoubtedly the ARES will be of far superior quality but will it be multiple hundreds of euros worth of superior quality?

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Hi guys,thanks for the excellent info re the Tavor, mine arrives next week, can you clarify what you have done for the rear sling point? As far as I can see it is simply a hole in the rear stock of the gun.

Does the eotech fit easily, it appears that you have put it on with both a rail and without, is that correct?

used a rail for all the mounting of optics, i simply used 10mm spacer to rise the optics up a bit,

you can use the rear sling point in a number of way, hear are a few examples...

thermo *********

any one see the reveiw in this months airsoft international??

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Hey guys,

My Tavor is after breaking, and I did use 8.4v battery, what i found out about my Tavor from MIA is that is dosent have resistor o_0 [WTF?!]

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First of all, I'd like to thank you. That one line has made me laugh louder and harder than I have done for weeks. Not the bit about it being broken, I empathise seriously about that, but the rest of it. Oh the things I'd like to say about it...

Did he say where this mythical resistor is missing from? I don't own an Ares Tavor (yet) but a cursory look at the exploded diagram shows no sign of any resistor being mounted in any part of the assembly for any reason.

What exactly seems to be the problem? How is it "broken" and what were you doing when it happened?

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im going to assume you ment fuse, the tavor does not have a fuse as stock, none of the star/ares stuff does, never been a problem for me, would only be an issue if you locked up and still keeped trying to fire,

if you brought it from MIA it should be under warrenty so take it back

p.s did your tavor lock up in semi?

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Agreed. A lot of people even take them out altogether since they're often more of an inconvenience than anything else. I've seen (and used) plenty of AEG's where the fuse was either removed or shorted over and never seen a problem.

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Anyone elses tavor having trouble with semi?

mine stops shooting after a while ,although it kicks back in after changing to full auto.

Is it only me or is anyone else having this problem?

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i go have that problem it has dropped off a little but still get it from time to time, seems to be a problem with a horizontally mounted motor, issue happens with other gearbox like this, making shore i fully conpress the trigger and not lightly tapping it to fast helps cut this out for me, i will be installing a mostef in time from experiance this can help as well

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Is there not a mosfet in it?

I ask as Firekitten mentioned in her review that it had a mosfet.

I was looking/playing with this the other day and was tempted. Found it to be a little heavy (Im used to the g&g cqb-s anyways!), but I have to admit the easy spring change is what is making me want to buy this guy.

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the tavor does not have a mosfet it has a micro switch for the tigger system the same as all the other star/ares aegs i've, interesting the slr and fnc are know to look up as well

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fuse sorry I took wrong word as iam not Irish and english is my second launge.

It seems that cables that conncet battery are brocken inside, I did twist them to close the tavor proply.

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Take it back in and get it repaired or replaced. Thats not the kind of thing that should happen in the first few weeks of ownership so it may be s simple defect.

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NakedDex said:
Take it back in and get it repaired or replaced. Thats not the kind of thing that should happen in the first few weeks of ownership so it may be s simple defect.

In few days

Iam quite unhappy about this gun...

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