When should the timing belt be done on an '01 VW Bora 1.6?

There is 65k on the clock. If the timing belt is overdue should it be done immediately or can it wait for the next service in a few months? Car is used mainly for local trips <5 km daily with the very odd trip of a few hundred km.

What would I expect to pay for a main dealer / non-main dealer change?

Any help/info appreciated.


Is that 65k miles or km? If miles, you're probably about 5k past where it should have been done, and your timing belt may resemble string by now. If it's overdue, get it done right now. You will destroy the engine if it breaks.

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Its 65k miles though I'm told the belt may have been done at 60k.Is there anyway to check it? Would there be any indication on the inside of the belt cover for example or can you tell from the state of the belt itself?

bazz26 Registered User

It is quite normal for a mechanic to write somewhere around the engine bay something like "tb 60k" to indicate when the timing belt was changed. However this is not a written in stone indication that the belt was changed.

Rule of thumb would be that if you are not sure then get it done as it is alot more expensive if the belt snaps and does serious damage to the engine. Budget about €300 to €400 from an independant garage, a main dealer may charge you more though. Best thing to do is ring a few garages around for prices.

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crosstownk Registered User

60,000 miles/100,000km. It should also be inspected at each service for wear and condition and replaced earlier if necessary.

If you're in any doubt then have it replaced. As stated above, if it snaps it will cost you a small fortune compared to the price of a replacement belt.

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niceirishfella Registered User

and do the water pump too

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Thanks for the advice, I'll get it checked out, it is the only way to be sure I guess. Anyway,I'd prefer the peace of mind to know for definite than to have it go and make a mess of the engine. Thanks again.

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