jacool Registered User

hi all,
called to a friend's house today - internet down.
did all the usual messing - no success
finally got a direct cable from router (eircom netopia) into laptop and typed in above address and got nothing, nada, niet.
she then told me she got them in Monday to fit a new telephone cable from outside. the phone is working fine.
is this a "straight back to eircom" issue ?

RoadKillTs Registered User

Are the lights solid on the router?
Are you getting an ip address?

Click Start, Run, type cmd click ok
At the command prompt type ipconfig

jacool Registered User

cheers, there are lights on the router
the PC shows connected to the eircom connection, and a good connection
there is a 192 IP address
Windows Updates were loaded
the homepage of google or any page searched just sees the internet address populated in the top of the page but a blank area where the page should be visible.
i tried word,excel to ensure no issues with the screen.

RoadKillTs Registered User

OK cool.

Is the internet light a solid green?

can you from the command prompt type "ping" without quotes.

Edit. If you get a reply back id check the proxy settings on your internet browser.

jacool Registered User

thanks for the help. won't get back there until tomorrow, but i'll try that then.
thanks again.

MunsterCycling Registered User

Look for the default gateway address in the ip settings via start > run > cmd > ipconfig /all and that is the ip of the mode, they may have changed the default IP for it.


jacool Registered User

thanks guys for your help, much appreciated
in the end i got onto eircom and we worked through the problem getting to McAfee as the culprit. when i uninstalled it the internet was fine.
the system is now running AVG and running fine.
once again cheers !!

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