highgiant1985 Registered User

Hey guys wondering if any one from New Ross can help me here!

Is the Company Lake Region in the heart of New Ross/close to new Ross can people give me a rough idea?

Thanks for the help in advance.

highgiant1985 Registered User

thats perfect thanks a million. Due down there in a few weeks just want to plan the travel timing wise hard to tell where abouts some places are sometimes!

Dilbert75 Registered User

Its neatly hidden behind a long line of trees, look out for the sign for JCE tyres (often have a small advert with an orange flashing beacon on it just at entrance).

allthedoyles Registered User

If you are using sat-nav ---------type in 'Butlersland New Ross ' and it will bring you to there.

BTW , the location is on the ring road New Ross

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