joe123 Registered User

Today I downloaded window updates (one of these was upgrading to internet explorer 8) and I also upgraded from avg 7.5 to 8.5 as it prompted me to do so when I loaded avg 7.5

Problem is since ive done this my laptop cant connect to the internet. Im on wireless connection and other laptops in the house dont have a problem but mine even though has the connected icon in the bottom right every time I open the browser and enter an address it says internet explorer cannot display the webpage.

I tried starting in safe mode but it doesnt pick up wireless connections in that so its no good. Ive ran adaware and spybot aswell as avg 8.5 and no infections were detected.

I also tried turning off the firewall but that didnt work either.

Does anyone have any idea of whats wrong?

civildefence Registered User

You most likely have to re-enter your WEP encryption key.

kikel Awaiting Email Confirmation

Check to see if internet explorer is set to work offline.

Click File and see if there is a tick beside Work Offline

mamamimi Registered User

I have the same problem. about to install firefox 3...

joe123 Registered User

No its not the wep key. Like I cant even connect to the router page.

I can connect to msn (albeit i had to run the troubleshoot). I was reading that it could be to do with internet explorer 8 not being fully recognized.

Im connected to the internet but internet explorer is just ****ed up!

I wish I had firefox or something but i dont. And i cant get to the firefox website because the pages wont load.

Is there a way to uninstall ie8 and revert back to 7?

kikel Awaiting Email Confirmation

can ya ping google.


type Cmd
In the black box type

joe123 Registered User

Right it turned out it was avg 8.5 free causing the problem. I uninstalled it (after uninstalling ie8 to no avail) and its working again.

Cheers for the replies!

ttm Awaiting Email Confirmation

From Internet properties reset IE8 to its default settings. Its worked for me for the same problem.

Edit > Sorry just posted after OP glad its fixed.

mamamimi Registered User

Also removed AVG free ( and old Norton installation, could browse again. Reinstalled AVG, still ok so far.... Don't know what caused it, maybe windows update. Thanks All.

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