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As per title there's going to be a 4 man tent in Aldi this week - looks good and the cost is 90 euro.

Is it a waste of money though? Should I just get a good brand or something from a proper outdoor place?


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It looks ok.
water column: 3000mm is good. A bad tent will be under 1500, which will let water in easily. Average you see is about 2000.

It is a car camping tent, not suitable for hiking over mountains with I would say. What do you need it for?

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I'd say all I'd use it for is going to camping parks or the cliffs of moher or something.

Things like that.

cavedave Registered User

I would say its fine for that. If someone has used it though believe what they tell you. Nagels is the nearest campsite to the cliffs of Moher I know of.

In relation to the other aldi gear. I have never found airbeds to be any use. Thermarests I find easier to transport, put up and are a lot warmer.

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cavedave said:
In relation to the other aldi gear. I have never found airbeds to be any use. Thermarests I find easier to transport, put up and are a lot warmer.

Ah ha yes I agree with the airbed statement. I got one 2 weeks ago, €15 or something......thought I'd found myself a great deal.
so wrong...
was rubbish, only the top 10" actually expanded.

My advice on tents would be get yourself a Coleman tent from
had one over the west over the winter. Warm, dry and it was perfect after a good lashing from the wind.

cavedave Registered User

Actually there is a thread here that implies the aldi tent isn't great. So you might want to try foolelle suggestion.

I have always found Millets on Mary street (end of henry street in Dublin) very good. Not the other millets you see in Blanch and such. So might be worth checking in there.

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Was camping last summer and my friends were using a 3 man tent from aldi, it was perfect. it rained a lot and it didn't let in any water (unlike my gelert one!). it stood up to the wind fine too.

I'd go for it if i was you!

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Hi there

I bought the Aldi tent (£60 in UK)
One thing I'll say is its darn HUGE - which I guess is a good thing
And you'd need to be the hulk to carry it round, its definately a car based tent

....oh and and unless your pretty adept at putting tents of all types up your likely to struggle putting it up on your own, better for a 2+ person set up

The poles are of a solid fibreglass type - meaning they're not all that bendy

The roof window was a nice touch - although I'm not sure how it will stand up to being folded too many times
Waterpoof type paper instructions were a great idea (3 sets of instructions in all)
The two 'rooms' can be unzipped leaving you with a very big singular room - also handy
You CAN stand up in it! my husband is 6'4 & could stand up ok
Pockets on the inner tent are nice, but as the inner tent is fastened by elastic toggle things I doubt you'd want to be putting anything other than socks or a few light instruments (torch / small binoculars) (no encyclopedia britannica!)

I researched this prior to purchase and most of a similar size & water column (which is a tidy 3000mm) were well over x2 the price

One thing which was nice was the repair kit which was included.

Overall a good purchase for what you get.

Hope this helps anyone looking to purchase

Dolphinstwins Registered User

Oh - and with a 3 year guarantee - can't be too bad

got to convince the husband to come with me camping now to help me put it up

dara95 Registered User

dont get it!!

waste of money coz its shi

Dolphinstwins Registered User

dara95 said:
dont get it!!

waste of money coz its shi

No doubt your comment will inspire millions!
Not very helpful!

Have you bought one?
Did it fail expectations? - if so why?

Yes its a monster and a bit of a pig to set up if your garden is a bit on the small size, but for the type of tent it is Vs other ones of a similar nature on the market its ££ cheaper, and Aldi doesn't tend to do really shabby gear imo

Covenline Registered User

use it, did you get wet?

Dolphinstwins Registered User

Covenline said:
use it, did you get wet?

No not used it yet - but it certianly can't be any worse than the ones I stayed in as a child, when you'd not been camping if you'd not gotten soaked by the water getting into the tent.

It seemed pretty sturdy, and plenty of room in both the bedroom & 'living space'

Not something I'd be able to put up on my own, needs at least one other person helping in my opinion.

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