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My last thread, http://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=2055582972 was locked and I was redirected to examinations.ie.
But I have searched on that page and haven't found the solutions, anyone know where the solutions in examinations.ie are ?

challengemaster Registered User

If you're really that blind.....

The section where it says 'Exam material archive'

In there there's access to all past marking papers going back to 97 or so.

Iwasfrozen Registered User

Been there, it lists:
Examination PapersMarking SchemesChief Examiners ReportsSyllabus ChangesMusic
None of which bring up the solutions.

star-pants Closed Account


not sure if that'll work, if you go to the examinations site, on the left hand side you click Examination Material Archive
on the right you click the box, choose 'marking scheme' from the drop down box,
then leavingcert, then the year and subject. the PDF download shows the scheme and answers AFAIK.

Iwasfrozen Registered User

I see said the blind man, thanks.

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