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I've looked it up on google maps and it says it should take me 4hours to drive to Tralee from Dublin. I'd be leaving Dublin around 6 or 7pm so I shouldn't run into too much traffic. Is 4 hours still a good estimation?

Neadine Registered User

Yeah, 4 hours is about right without traffic.
It usually takes me about 3.5 hours to get from Saggart to just outside Listowel and Tralee is about another 20 - 30 minutes from there.

overexcitedaj Registered User

it depends on where exactly in Dublin you going to. But at night it shouldnt be too bad. Tralee to Dun Laoghaire takes about 3 and a half hours at night.
Last month though i dd make it from Dublin airport to tralee in 3 hous flat.( i know there was no reason to tell ye that and i catually wasnt going like a boy racer.Its just once you geta mooth road which you will at night tbh )

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Just looked at the AA Route Planner,Going from the IFSC to Tralee is a journey of 185 miles and should be done in 4 hours 12 min.That would be a Conservative estimate...

dmeehan Registered User

yeah 4 hours is about right
biggest hold up will be commuter traffic leaving dublin, so the later you leave the better

sheesh Registered User

you might cut it to 3.5 hrs if lucky it is about 180 miles you might be hitting limerick around 9 so traffic will be heavy even with the ring road.

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kfk Registered User

Takes me just over 3 hours at night with no traffic from kylemore rd to tralee. I would be driving quickly but not like a maniac.

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you need to get out more often, Kerry bog trotter

newman10 Registered User

Damiano666 said:
you need to get out more often, Kerry bog trotter

Read the thread, it asks how long from DUBLIN to KERRY.

Who is the bloody bogtrotter

kerry4sam Moderator

Damiano666 said:
you need to get out more often, Kerry bog trotter

If you cannot offer a constructive answer / helpful comment toward the OP and fellow posters, please don't bother posting as it is not what the Kerry Forum or it's numerous threads are about. We like to & aim to help each and every poster here in this forum, thanks.

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