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Does anyone know the rules regarding having advertising boards inside a field at the side of the road. I see this all the time, people erecting advertising within fields so that they can be seen from the road. I also see sometimes people putting these directly at the roadside and not even within the field itself. Anyone know the rules around advertising like this?


dennistuam Registered User


as a auctioneer in the west
you can put a sign on the property that you are selling
but signs on esb poles or pointer signs on road big no no big fine
but i have mates that set up an insulation business basically they have a rake of signs blitzed over the place then the litter warden gives them a warning to take down
they might get away for 2 to 3 weeks before there rivals reports them

Culchie Registered User

I think it depends on the individual county's by laws. Sligo allow signs for promotional events as long as the signage does not exceed 1 square metre ... so approx 3ft * 3ft is allowable .... I presume this is similar in other counties. The signs are supposed to be taken down after the 'event'.

Signs placed on NRA poles will be taken down immediately, and really is getting on the wrong side of the councils.
Signs on secondary roads generally have a longer 'life span' than those on main roads.

Also ... and this is seems in these times of recession the county councils are taking a far more lenient approach than a couple of years ago to companies advertising their services/products. They need businesses to survive and pay them rates!

dennistuam Registered User

Yes culchie you are right there the council are bit more lax

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You need planing for any sign that is visible from a road, unless its mobile. If you do put up a sign chances are nothing will happen unless someone reports you, if this happens you will be forced to take the sign away. By a mobile sign I mean anything with wheels, small or big. I can't remember what road its on, but there is a huge trailer parked on a hill with Tayto the crisps company on it.

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