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Hiya everyone just thought id stick this up for people looking to fly from shannon

Bus Leaves Galway Coach Station
3.30 am
5.30 am
8.00 am
10.15 am
11.30 am
14.30 pm
16.00 pm
22.00 pm

Takes 75mins to get to the Airport

16 euro adult one way
23 adult return
13euro student one way

Chris_533976 Registered User

Good, but VERY expensive. Its just to Shannon FFS, Gobus go to Dublin Airport for €15 adult single one way.

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jayoo Registered User

compleatly agree.

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Mars Bar I belong here. As do you.

Limerick to Galway is €12 one way for a student, how can a shorter journey be more expensive?

Maybe due to the fact the majority of City Link users were students coming or going, from or to, Limerick and they are on holidays. They'd be feeling the pinch for the next 3 months.

jayoo Registered User

The reason is simple,
Bus eireann are very slow
Bus eireann run from 7.05am-8.05pm, which is unsuitable for early flights

city link is quicker
they have late night times so you can catch early morning flights.

its all about competition, city link dont really have any.

The new times are very very handy though, word of warning, if you wanna get the 3.30am then BOOK IT, very very very busy bus

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