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Could you please try to give me a rough value of each coin if possible, thanks.

1914 one penny 'georgivs v dei gra:britt: omn:rex fid:def:ind:imp:

1957 25 Ptas , has a small star that says 68

1961 1/2c south africa

1934 shilling south africa 'georgivs v rex imperator'

1944 three pence 'georgivs vi d:g:br: omn:rex:f:d:ind:imp.

1790 georgivs iii dei gratia. 'b:bros:rex:f:d:cex? can't read it cleary after that

1790 georgivs iii dei gratia. 'w.c.b.et.co.dg.?.t.rex.fd.b.i.r.m'

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i know for a fact that the 1914 coin is worth 7 euros!!!!!

the 1961 coin is said to be around 39 euro


Since condition is everything when it comes to coins giving an estimate just on the basis of dates etc. is somewhat pointless. You really need to bring them to an auctioneering firm like Whyte's on Molesworth Street in Dublin or to a bona fide coin dealer at one of the various collectors fairs - see Friday's Independent or Saturday's Times/Irish Examiner.

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