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Step one, get offending election posters that have blown over, are blocking views of oncoming traffic, are hung too low so visually impaired can walk into them... etc

Measure your straight lines and fold up the sides.

Making small holes with a screwdriver and then using cable ties to hold it together

Takes no longer than 10 minutes to have it finished

Perfect timing to meet a group canvasing !

A trip to woodies in glasnevin.. big up to them for giving us a discount after we explained what we were up to

Laying out the plants before planting

The first one we made was too deep to put on a window so we positioned
on the tracks on the wall across the way so there's a nice view for everyone
around the area instead of overgrown tracks and dumped rubbish.

Position and water

Back to the window boxes.. i think tom stafford makes a lovely bright window box

Have a go yourself..!

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brianthebard Registered User

That is excellent, going to have to see if I can do this.

SeanW Registered User


Best thread in ages

Macha Moderator

Hah! Brilliant

robtri Registered User

f ing brilliant

theboat Registered User

fair play. keep it up lads!

whiteshadow Registered User

HEH .. we made the morning issue of the metro!!!

further reading...


any other ideas out there of what could be made with election posters..? possibly hanging baskets.. or tall cylindrical planters... options are endless!

sammywilsonjnr Registered User

Just heard Mick on Radio Ulster - absolutely savage idea and hope its spreads. Where do the boards end up anyway - do you really think they are collected and recycled (which the material is perfectly capable of)?


Alun Registered User

Never mind the boards, what about the several year's worth of tie wraps still clinging to every pillar and post in the country?


Hahaha that is brilliant. Well done.

fluffyVW Registered User

That is just brilliant!!! Fair play to ya lads!!!

Jake1 Registered User

Love it. Well done to you both!!! Great use of these unsightly posters.

Where is it that you did this, it looks east wall north strand area???
I want to look out for them.

SeanW Registered User

looks like Drumcondra.

probe Registered User

Most other EU countries don't have election posters all over the place. Aside from being ugly and wasting plastic and polluting the place, I suspect they don't help the political process. Just ban them completely. Use renewable communications systems.... One would still have a level playing field.

In France each commune has an "affichage communal" for local legal notices, and during elections each local candidate can put up one poster on this designated poster board. Period.

Húrin Registered User

Rebecca Moynihan was by far Labour's most attractive candidate.

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