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Has anyone travelled on this route as a foot passenger?I left it so late to book flights that they're all really expensive for Saturday and this is 38e.
Is it easy to get from Birkenhead into the city centre of Liverpool? I'll be taking an onward train to Sheffield.

I don't mind that it's a seven hour boat trip either!

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have you tried

you will be in birkenhead about 5/6am.walk or scrounge a lift to a bus or train stop.lime street easy to find.
if it was me i would use the rail-sail option on irishferries or stena.about €40 single to liverpool.
hope this helps.

kindalen Registered User

actually,do you have to go to liverpool? if you just need to get to sheffield then just get rail-sail direct. even if you already paid for a train ticket, it could be still quicker and cheaper.

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If you can gt a cheap flight to Manchester the Cleethorpes train will get you to Sheffield. in around an hour.

Sail rail out of Dublin with Irish Ferries is civilised enough for the price.

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Thanks guys. I panicked there for a second and had to check the time of the crossing. I'm leaving Dublin at 10am. So Should be getting into Liverpool at 5pm or so. It's easy enough from Liverpool to Sheffield.
Couldn't get a cheap flight to manchester. Have gone Manchester to Sheffield a few times alright.
The Sail and Rail would mean getting a train from Holyhead right?

kindalen Registered User

yeah,train from holyhead.its at the ferryport.

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