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Garfield Minus Garfield
Subnormality! (by Winston Rowntree who does illustrations for Cracked)
Three Word Phrase
Space Avalanche


...and how about a little 'Traveller' fun. This one was actually originally published in White Dwarf magazine many, many moons ago but has been digitally enhansed and coloured and is now online in all it's glory. An absolute must for Sci-Fi and Traveller fans alike.


An absolute must view comic. Just click on the 'Jump drive - press me' button, bottom right of the screen.

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Mark Waid and John Roger's Thrillbent site went online a couple of months ago.

Recently discovered Waid's Irredeemable and Incorruptible, so getting Insufferable for free is just fine by me.

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League of Super Redundant Heroes
[url=http://superredundant.com/comics/2012-07-31-strip%20-%20154.jpgExample strip

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For the horror fans out there, Si Spurrier's been doing a great job with Crossed: Wish You Were here. I should point out that it's most definitely NSFW for a whole bunch of reasons, so don't go looking at it at work. At a time when there are zombie comics all over the place, most of them pretty blah if I'm honest, Wish You Were Here is infused with the kind of nastiness that makes it very hard to ignore. When I first heard about Ennis' Crossed concept, I figured it was just him channeling his worst excesses as a writer, but Spurrier has made it really engaging through a combination of horribly pitch-black humour and despair, with both aspects complementing each other perfectly.

I'm not kidding when I say this is both NSFW and not for the faint of heart, but if you're interested in taking a look, it's available here.

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Woody After Hours
The premise of this is that its a webcomic where the main character Woody is a chat show host and his guests are characters from other webcomics. I've found it to be very cool and its introduced me to lots of other webcomics too. And its nice to see the artwork progress too

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I am very suprised to see no one has inlcuded Homestuck on here


It's a web comic, that has animated gifs, flash animations with original music, and even interactive flash games. It's about 4 human kids, who recieve a beta copy of one of the latest games out, SBURB, which changes their lives forever by throwing them into a whole new realm called the Medium. It involves time travel, aliens, fighting, some rather good humor. Its one of those things that quite hard to explain or sum up accurately, without going on and on or ruining some of the key plot points. It's 6000 pages long and there is even a game being made out of it.

Just on a side note, there is a facebook page for Irish fans of the comic. If I wanted to spread it around where would I make a post about it on here? Boards can be confusing at times.

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Surprised nobody's mentioned Neko the Kitty yet. It's made in Ireland.

Example strip

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nekothekitty said:
Surprised nobody's mentioned Neko the Kitty yet. It's made in Ireland.

Example strip

I would've sworn it was already in the list as I remember enjoying it quite a lot years ago. Maybe it got removed during one of the extended breaks between updates... (I also would've sworn that I checked whether it was active recently and concluded that it wasn't, but I've just seen that there are at least a dozen strips from the last month, so I guess I should make some time to go through the backlog).

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Mod note: I've removed all the embedded images in this thread as they're making some pages slow to load and causing false-positve malware warnings (probably due to compromised ad networks).

If you want to give folks a taster of a given comic, please link to it rather than embedding it (which is generally better netiquette anyway, especially for those who have to pay for their own bandwidth).

On a separate note, I clearly need to spend a couple of hours going through this thread and updating the list in the OP...

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I'm not sure if I'm allowed to promote my own so feel free to delete this.

I just started my second comic on Facebook. "The adventures of Megapixel"
I will be making a new blog for it soon:


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Thought this best place for this. Special Edition of The Blah Blah with Gavin McCumiskey of Green Monkey Comics.

Gavin sits down to talk about his first ever comic "Innocent Tales." Gavin give us all the details of making in your own comic. Part 2 on the way. Here the link:


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