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Guys, I'm moving to Athlone next week and would appreciate some advice on the best free weights gyms in the town. I do some powerlifting and so require a squatting rack, bench press, deadlift platform/area, olympic bars etc.


BoB_BoT Registered User

can only really advise you on the gyms I've been in, the Athlone Regional Sports has a pretty good gym and weights section. I'm sure they'll let you look around if you want. It's on the ballymahon road, also the swimming pool is located in the same building, not too hard to find.

Use the AIT gym during term myself, the weight section is ok looking (don't use free weights myself yet) but the area is kinda cramped, would be ok during the summer, but not during term.

Haven't been in any of the other gyms around town, i'm sure others could fill you in. There's a gym in most of the hotels (raddison, hudson bay, sheraton etc..), also there's one in the Leisure Center on Grace Road. No harm looking around yourself if you don't get any solid replies.

john999 Registered User

Thanks BoB. I'll have a look in the Regional Sports Centre tomorrow evening and take it from there.


nice_guy80 Registered User

try the rugby club

they'll have proper powerlifting equipment

Seaneh Banned

nice_guy80 said:
try the rugby club

they'll have proper powerlifting equipment

They use the AIT gym.

boredatwork82 Registered User

AIT is probably the best but its pretty busy and small, also rugby players tend to hog squat and bench in groups(this might have changed I stopped using AIT gym a few years ago.

The Athlone Springs is meant to have a pretty good set up but I am not too sure if they have olympic bars/squat rack etc.

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