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Hey boardsies.

I had to get my hair cut in march and had a fair few inches cut off which has grown out a little, so my hair is only just above where my collar bones meet my neck.
I'm going away to benicassim (musical festival in spain) this summer for a week, so being a music festival i'm not bringing a hair dryer or hair straighteners. now, since my hair is this short, it looks absolutely ridiculous if i don't straighten it at least, it's just such an awkward length and looks horrible if it drys naturally.

so i want to get hair extensions for the summer that will stay in for 2-3 months (i've got clip in ones but won't be able to use them properly in spain, lack of mirrors etc)
and i was wondering where is the best place for it? i know the whole moorsestreet thing could work but i rather pay a little more and get real hair, and something that looks good.

anyone know of any good hairdressers that will do this (i dont want to pay a fortune like) or where is good?


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