Started off trying to unlock my iPhone 3g but then it went horribly wrong. Well to make a long story short its locked at the moment and i cant do anything with it and im trying to unlock it so at least ill be able to use the ipod part for now.
So i put it into recovery mode plugged it into it tunes hit shift + restore clicked the write firmware file and let it work away. Seemed to be doing fine untill it comes to preparing iphone to restore. Its stuck on that for ages until Error 1604 pops up.When i restore it through itunes(not hitting shift) its fine but obviuosly its still locked and not the way i want it. Anyone know how to fix it? Going mad with the useless phone.

thanks in advance.

vinnycoyne Moderator

Ye sorry its windows. Like i said i have a bricked phone at the moment and i want to unbrick it. When i followed that link it worked the restore went throught but i was still left with a bricked phone.

vinnycoyne Moderator

How do you mean bricked? Is the screen blank? Or is the phone just locked / deactivated?


Well bricked/ locked not sure what to call it. when i turn it on the screen is of a usb and itunes logo and the option to ring for an emergency at the bottom.

vinnycoyne Moderator

It sounds like you haven't activated it yet. Try re-run PwnageTool and make sure to check the box that activates the phone.


lackofcolour said:
It sounds like you haven't activated it yet. Try re-run PwnageTool and make sure to check the box that activates the phone.

Cant find a pwnage tool for windows do you have a link? I was using quickpwn and it says you can only jailbreak les than2.0

vinnycoyne Moderator

I don't think PwnageTool exists on Windows.

Did you use QuickPwn initially?


well i never got up to the quckpwn part up untill just there. so now its jailbroken at the moment So im happy enough at the minute at least i can use the ipod apps ect. By the sound of things the only way of unlocking it is turbo sim. cause my 02 sim isnt working on it.

vinnycoyne Moderator

Well, if your modem firmware is at 2.28.00, it can be unlocked using yellowsn0w (available in Cydia). You can check what fw you're on by going into Settings -> General -> About and it should be listed under Modem Firmware.

If not, you can try downgrading to 2.28.00 using an app called Fuzzyband (also available in Cydia).


Ye its at 2.30 ill try that fuzzyband . now thanks.

Dublinstiofán Registered User

Your restoring with the wrong firmware bundle. If you find out what the correct one is use that and everything will be ok.


Dont have wifi at home so just got fuzzyband there. Its says im on 5.9 and it not supported. What next? Is turbo sim my only option or sit and wait for that to be cracked?

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