martyc5674 Registered User

Anyone have this done/
Ive a semi d...1950's the cavity is 50mm...would it cosy the house up much/
Heating bills arent too bad but the house does lose heat quick if its a cold night say or can be quite cold if a cold day outside.

Did a lot of work myself on the heating system last year..fotted TRV's everywhere changed a few rads installed a honeywell heat controller that profiles the temp throughout the day.
Also ive topped the attic insulation(put 200mm space blanket on top of the existing 70mm stuff that was already there)
Any thoughts on having this done be great.

its the silver bead im thinking of having blown in.

PirateShampoo Registered User

The Bead insulation is probably the best way to go, i do spray foam myself and we recommend people use the Bead because the foam doesnt work well being injected into walls.

Bead is also half the price, i think its 18 euro or something a square meter.

theboss80 Registered User

if you are planing on spending the money i would invest in new windows instead. thats where you lose most of your heat from the radiators and why you find the house cold after heating off. you have a good enuf insulation in the attic but intead of the cavity i would put in some double glazing. it would make a great difference.

martyc5674 Registered User

Cheers lads...have double glazing already done.
So...will it make a noticeable difference?

bushy... Registered User

You'd probably never get it super-insulated because of its age ( see attachment ) , mad insulation and isolation tactics may not have been top of the list when it was built.

Maybe the best thing to do is get someone with a thermal camera to look at it for you. Remember to inform them you only want a few pics & video , not buy the company.....


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