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Exhaust has broken away from the back box and am looking to get it welded back. Car is a 98 Peugeot 106 but currently sounds like a sooped up Skyline!
Fast fits put a new back box in a few months back and they won't do a welding repair job, they'll only replace the whole thing!!!

Anyone know of some where around Phibsboro, Drumcondra, Santry, Fairview/Marino area that could weld the exhaust back and not pull my pants down at the same time??

Thanks alot!

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Is the damage to the pipe or (more likely) the backbox?
It may be cheaper to head to Krap Fit and get it done

Bruce Fan Registered User

Looks to be the pipe end that's connecting to the back box. It is a bit rusted but not much. To me, it looks like all it needs is a decent weld... but you never know I guess. Any ideas?

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The backbox often has a pipe coming out of it which mates with the main exhaust pipe. I would imagine that your back box is knackered. Go to one of the exhaust & tyre outlets and let them look (without mentioning that it may be the actual exhaust pipe).

Baldie Registered User

I have a hole in my exhaust back box. Is it possible to get it patched?

Happy121 Registered User

on North Strand, Courtney Motors (Beesborough Ave), small little motor work shop, amazingly honest family, been there for years. He specialises in BMW but does everything.

you really need someone to tell you the truth, fix it or repair it. The one thing I can tell you is that they are honest.

Darragh29 Registered User

OP why would you be bothered arsing around with a weld job??? More hassle than its worth, just replace it!

Rowley Birkin QC Registered User

I got a middle section, back box ( and pipework) fitted at Summerhill Spares for €130 lately.

Opel wanted over €250 before VAT & fitting.

sundodger5 Registered User

i seem to remember most peugeot's having poor exhaust design.
AFAIK the exhaust is connected to the manifold with stud and bolt the next support is around 3/4 of the way back with one rubber mounting and the back box has two rubber moumtings left and right of the box.
it means that the point at which the pipe joins the box is under constant pressure, a weld here will not last as it has its strength fron the baffle in the box,
a weld is false economy and will not last.

Dublin 6w Registered User

The exhaust went on my Peugeot 206 recently and went to Fast Fit in Crumlin, I was told I needed to replace 2 parts and that they would cost €300, that’s just for parts. I’m no mechanic but even I could tell the guy had just made a number up in his head and was trying his luck, when I pushed him on it he blamed his boss for the pricing!! Needless to say I politely declined his kind off to RIP ME OFF and took my car home with me.
Next day I drove up to Newry and got the exact same parts (as per the quote provided by the Fast Fit guy) for £77.60 they guy in the garage even fitted them for me.
I know about the VAT difference and everything else but this was/is a blatant case of trying to rip me off, I’m less than impressed with these guys and definitely will not be recommending them to anyone!

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What were the parts?

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