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Right, so I am no expert in terms of HDMI but I plan to work it out. Got myself a HDMI cable today, connected my laptop to my TV via HDMI and the TV now works fine as an extra monitor, and I can view movies from my laptop on the TV.

However, I can't for the life of me work out how to transfer the sound to the TV as well... anyone got any ideas? I use Vista Business on a Dell XPS laptop, if that is any help?


fat-tony Registered User

I'm not familiar with your PC model, but HDMI carries sound and video, so you should be able to go into your video card setup and see if there is a check box to enable sound on the HDMI port - or it may be in your sound settings if you have a particularly sophisticated sound card with SPDIF port as well as HDMI. It may be defaulting to the internal speakers on the laptop. The other possibility may be that you have the sound disabled on the HDMI port on the TV - this might have analogue/digital options for the sound.

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You computer probably only outputs video to the hdmi port. So what you'll need is a cable which at one end is hdmi and at the other hdmi + 3.5mm audio. That should work.

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Thanks for the advice... I shall try it later


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Unlikely they would provide you with an HDMI port that didn't support sound.
Try this youtube video which shows you how to set the default sound output to HDMI.... which is what I was hinting you should try yourself
Google is your friend - took about 5 seconds to find this!

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