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A bit of good news, went to galway dog pound to help someone find a dog and the warden told me that all the dogs from that nigth and day are alll rehomed, he said every since janruary, dogs havent stayed in the pound for longer than 2-3 days. this is great!

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ah that is bloody great news. Excellent to hear.

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BRILLIANT! long may it last!

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If this is Galway City Pound, then please ask the manager what he does with the Bull Breeds and other restricted breeds that go in but wont come back out and why they refuse to work with rescues.

The destruction figures 2008 speak for themselves. 60% of the dogs in Galway City Pound did not make it out alive. Compare that to 29% for Galway County Pound COMBINED (!!) (with rescues like myself helping by taking dogs out).

In ascending order:

3% Leitrim
7% South Dublin
10% Meath
16% Louth
19% Dublin (Ashton)
25% Cork City
29% Galway County
29% Sligo
33% Wicklow
36% Monaghan
36% Waterford City
43% Wexford
52% Waterford County
52% Laois
60% Galway City
60% Roscommon
61% Carlow
66% Offaly
66% Westmeath
67% Clare
68% Kilkenny
70% Limerick County
71% South Tipperary
71% Mayo
74% Donegal
76% Longford
76% North Tipperary
79% Cavan
80% Kerry
80% Cork County
83% Kildare
91% Limerick City

married Awaiting Email Confirmation

I work for a rescue in Galway County, we have a good relationship with the guy running Galway City Pound and we take dogs from him as much as we can, in the future we hope to be running a scheme where he can keep them for more than the 5 days by sponsoring a vaccination programme as he is keen to rehome as much as possible. I don't know his specific policy on bull terrier breeds but I'm going to ask!

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Aye and which rescue would that be? Certainly not the GSPCA since they refer anyone with a stray dog to the pound or to me. Marina Fiddler runs her own pound so I am sure she has no shortage of dogs herself. Since I am doing rescue in County Galway for nearly 13 years I know them pretty much all, not that there are that many to know, so you may enlighten me?

and we take dogs from him as much as we can,

ALL breeds or just the easy to rehome ones?

I don't know his specific policy on bull terrier breeds but I'm going to ask!

I didn't write Bull Terriers, I wrote Bull Breeds - a much wider field .

I think 60 % destruction is VERY bad and now you are telling me you are taking dogs out of that Pound - so in effect the number should be even HIGHER?!?

So excuse me when I doubt that this statement

as he is keen to rehome as much as possible.

is less than believeable...

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for the figures for cork county, i didnt realise there was a pound for the county???
The only one ive heard of is the one in cork city.

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for the figures for cork county, i didnt realise there was a pound for the county???
The only one ive heard of is the one in cork city.

In some counties the cities are so big/populated that they have their own pound aside from the County pound that every county has. Limerick is the same, and Galway and a couple of others.


Dogs in Distress currently have rescue space for dogs and pups needing homes. We also have home checked homes waiting for their forever companion. We would be delighted to help anyone or any pound. We will vaccinated, micro-chip and neuter all dogs before they go to their new homes.

Please contact pups@dogsindistress.org if you know any dogs in need of help



I was up at Galway City Pound this evening. And I am so furious...

I was out walking and found a terrier cross going over and back across the Dublin Road (busiest road in Galway City) and concluded that he was tame and has an owner somewhere and so debated as to what to do.

I tried ringing the GSPCA and got no reply. Then I decided that I would leave him up in the pound overnight and hope that he would be collected by his owner in the next day or two. I rang the pound and the man up there said to come up but to hurry up as he wanted to go home.

I got there at about 16.45 and was shocked at the state of the place. So, I took a couple of minutes trying to decide whether or not to leave the little fella in there overnight or bring him back to my house. But I had work tonight so wasn't really in a position to leave him in the house as he would be a. lonely, and b. might have eaten the couch or something.

While I was deciding, I was talking casually to the pound-keeper about what happens and how long do dogs have after they are brought it. Thought things were going ok and decided (reluctantly) to leave the dog in the pound for the night and review the situation in the morning. On my way out, I noticed that the pen he put the dog in had a bowl of food and water from a previous dog and thus both could have been there for a few days. I politely asked if my fella had enough water for the night as the pound-keeper was edgy and eager to leave work for the night and the pen was dark also and I simply wanted to make sure the dog could be as comfortable as possible (as one can be in a pound).

I also asked that he ring me if the dog wasn't claimed by anyone and that I would take him out and mind him til I found a home for him. He said "yes, sure" in a really yeah whatever, get the hell out of here kind of way. Then the pound-keeper got angry with me and said he a good mind to charge me the 20 euro that is payable when someone leaves a dog in. I said that I didn't like his attitude and that I was going to report him and he followed me out to my car shouting at me and I politely said that "all I was doing was checking with you that the dog would have enough water for the night" and he continued to shout.

Needless to say, I'm ringing his superior tomorrow to report him but to also ask why on earth a member of the public should pay 20 euro for bringing a dog to the pound. Maybe it's payable by someone who claims a dog from the pound but he considered charging me the 20 euro there and then in his fit of rage!

After I report him to the council tomorrow, I am going to make sure that I get him back in the event that he hasn't been claimed.

If the pound-keeper refuses, I'll ring Joe Duffy or something and report this insane process and the barbaric conditions that dogs are kept in up there.

It doesn't take much money to provide light and some comfort to dogs who are obviously distressed at being placed there.

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@kraggy any news from the little fella? What type of terrier is he? if he is still not claimed, can you get in contact with me via PM? Thx Steffi



Have had the little fella back out from the pound since Monday. Have put up posters and emailed GSPCA so they can put his photo on their lost and found section. Also put an ad on Galway Bay FM. Noone claiming him yet.

They also said that they'd take him from me at the end of the week and reckon he'll be homed very soon as I showed them his picture when I went into their shop.

Not really in a position to keep him though he's happy here. Getting walked and fed well.

Lovely little man indeed. He'll make some family happy!

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hiadoing, where looking for a terrier pup, jack Russel type of job, for free some little fella preferably a female. we have a collie already and would love another little head around the house, she only gets on with small dogs, anyway let me know if you hear of anything. thanks

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Hi Ultain, I had a home set up for a Jack Russell that fell through.... She's 11 months old, good with kids, unfortunately the kids that she belongs to at the moment have decided they want rabbits instead, so it's bye bye doggy, hallo bunny.

Anyhow, if you're interested let me know and I'll check if she's still available.

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Howya, yeah she sounds grand, only thing is we would be looking for a pup or near enough anyway, can you post any photos of her?

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