Duddy said:
and served us penis cake.

Good work on giving them the cake!

Ms. Koi Registered User

Duddy said:
and served us penis cake.

I was surprised they served that! It was super funny!!

Walterella Registered User

The Orient is so good. The penis cake I have to say looked incredible

5Aces Registered User

what was the occasion?


Twas a non-boardsie 21st that a load of boardsies ended up at, Mantra cocktails are rough.

Ms. Koi Registered User

walterella you were there too? I didn't meet anyone else other than Duddy!

Yeah the food was soo yummy!!


Dunno if anyone has recommended it yet, but I like The Riverside Bistro in Manor Mills, good food, good deals, and best of all it overlooks the river.

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