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Hagar said:
Yes, it's marked down to thirty pieces of silver.

Thanks Hagar
Is that in all of their stores?

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Hagar User 7841

It's only 20 pieces of silver in England. What a gip.

zuroph mo-duh-rator

29.75 here, the conversion rate is totally messed

AnthonyK7 Registered User

Confused now .....


Ha ha ya nearly had me but you're taking the píss right? If you're not you do actually need to consider visiting a shrink with that psychosis.

Hehe yeah I was taking the piss in that post, but still I do think it was a cheap tacky publicity stunt, and I will never buy from them but then I never did in the past anyway.

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Stercus Accidit said:
There's a European flavour and the Irish flag is eating the union jack, yekno, its patriotic and progressive.

I like it, any chance you could write a new agressive national anthem as well? We could taunt the brits about how we booted them out and brag about our superior corporation tax rate.

banquo Registered User

I can't believe a thread about flags and taxes became so popular.

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