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Right here's the story, me and my partner are thinking of startin up a little farmers market at our house this year. We're growing lots of veg and herbs to sell on site and I'll also be doing a range of chutney type things. We're looking for growers, cooks, crafts people or anyone interested in starting up a rural farmers market in a beautiful location! We're located just outside mallow in north cork between Drumahane and Bweeng. get in contact if your interested in getting involved or pass the word on to ppl that may be! Even if you only have a kitchen garden you may still have a bit too much for yourselves or maybe give jam making a go to use up yer gooseberries!

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I should also mention that if it all goes ahead we would like to encourage people to be open to bartering their goods if they want too. this can be a particularly good way of using any excess veg from the garden and allows to to enjoy some veg that maybe you didn't have much luck with this year! it also means that even if you only have masses of spinach etc to offer it'd still be worth your while coming along and it's a great way to get talking to fellow gardeners to share tips, experiences and make new friends without the need to bring money into any of it!

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what a great idea- pity i'm across the country in gorey, wexford.
last year i had so much excess rocket and mustard , i bartered with a local organic veg shop who were delighted with my produce as i was with my 30 euro to spend in their shop! never knew my rocket which was destined to go back in the compost was worth so much.
bring back the barter system i say!
anyone interested in simialr venture in gorey/wexford area, i'd love to hear from you.
good luck with the north cork venture- i'm interested to see how it goes!
well done on a great idea- hope it takes off

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thanks folgi, hopefully we'll see some interest from people now and we can get something going! bartering and haggling are lost arts we need to bring back the sensible old ways what with the way things are going in the country now!

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