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People still play Crysis?

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Crysis Wars is amazing, if You've not played it, try it, its fantastic fun. Being able to cloak yourself adds something really fun to the game. They've made it easily playable, I'd say any pc capable of running COD4 would play it, I've been playing completely maxed at 1920x1200 and getting a steady 30-40fps, drops slightly below 30fps sometimes but absolutely no stuttering, where I can only play the SP game at med/high settings at that res.

My specs:
C2Q @ 3.2Ghz, 4GB ram & 512MB HD4870

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"Nice" case. And how much would that PSU cost over here? €15?

Great thing about the LSPs is that you don't know whether you're gonna get a low-end Andyson (setting the bar real high here! ), a Yuelin or an old stockpiled Wintech. If the end result is anything like the old (Andyson-based) Hiper M580 you're looking at an absolute max of 30A on the 12V and some explosion/death-surge potential too! Go Ultra!

I'd really love running a modern 12V-based E5200/HD4870 combo fully loaded on that for long periods!

I'd say spend the full $499 on something that'll live for more than a week before you try to explain why you're RMAing back all the curiously singed parts...

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