Meathgirl Registered User

this may seem like a strange request!!!
Are there any plants/ flowers that only grow for one season and dont grow again....

I know roses/fuschias etc grow every year..... I just want a flower for now..... and not to come back next year.....

I know probably a strange request, have my personal reasons.....

Know absolutely nothing about flowers......


Sonnenblumen Registered User

Plenty of choices but a particularly attractive group is Chrysanthemums. Usually die with onset of frost otherwise they are a reliable performer throughout the summer.

Belfast Registered User

Frost-prone annuals is what you are looking for.

Dizzyblonde Whirling dervish

The summer bedding plants will be arriving into garden centres and Woodies, B&Q etc around now. Most of those will die off in the cold weather. You can buy trays of them quite cheaply.
Look for non-hardy annuals.

Ellechim Registered User

The most popular ones you will pick up in the large supermarkts and particularly look out for Bizzie lizzies, pansies and violas, Lobelia, petunia, marigolds.......

Meathgirl Registered User

Thanks guys......n gals....

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