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where is it say from the main gates of ucc?

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erm.... about 30-40mins away (by car - with traffic)

from main gates on college road, go into town, head to the opera house go out of town - that street (across the bridge) straight through the lights (far side of bridge) ...pass the brewery (Murphy's/Heineken) ....keep going straight.... till you get to next set of lights with a left turn, take that left (another set of lights straight away) take a left there (pass a garage on your right) turn right ...another set of lights and start going up a kind of hill (Uphill slope) ...Neptune is on your left (Find parking somewhere)

Hope that makes sense !!!


These are the directions given when you check on Google Maps:

Travelling along the Western Rd, follow road left onto Dyke Parade.
Turn left onto Grenville Place and follow river around onto Bachelors Quay.
Turn left across North Gate Bridge.
Carry on up Shandon St to the top of the hill.
Passing North Cathedral on right, go straight across and down Gerald Griffen Street.
At first set of traffic lights turn left onto North Monastery Rd.
Neptune Stadium entrance is 100 yards up the hill on the left.

When I needed to find it last year, I asked for directions in a shop on Shandon Street.

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if all else fails : Google is your friend

map it on google

Driving directions to Gerald Griffin St, Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland
2.2 km – about 6 mins

Western Rd
Cork, Co Cork, Ireland
1. Head northeast on College Rd 0.3 km
2. Sharp left at N22/Washington St 74 m
3. Sharp right at Dyke Parade/N22 0.6 km
4. Turn left at Grenville Pl 0.3 km
5. Continue on Bachelor's Quay 0.2 km
6. Turn left at Shandon St 0.4 km
7. Continue on Gerald Griffin St 0.2 km
Take a left when you get to crossroads on gerald griffin street - Neptune is on your left.

According to google 6mins !!! ha !!!

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PCPhoto said:
erm.... about 30-40mins away (by car - with traffic)

Woah were you pushing that car by any chance? I mean its a 30 minute slow walk...


Mister OP

Here is a nice google map link to show you the route from the main gates on the western road.

Point A = Main Gates
Point B = Big Cathedral on top of hill
Point C = Stressed Students awaiting exam,-8.477368+to:Neptune+Stadium+%4051.907211,-8.477346&geocode=FTfcFwMdm3h-_yHJf6lHNgn7nw%3B%3BFYsKGAMdXqV-_w&hl=en&mra=dme&mrcr=0,1&mrsp=1&sz=15&dirflg=w&sll=51.90135,-8.482005&sspn=0.014405,0.038624&ie=UTF8&z=15

The All knowing Google claims a 24 minute walk

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Its just behind Uranus. It's fukin massive, Can't miss it

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i made it from college in about twenty minutes (feckin booting it)
nearly died when i got there

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