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Hector Mildew Registered User

R.O.R said:
I actually meant to transport around in the car itself. Rather than the huge number of batteries required to get a decent range, a hydrogen fuel cell is only about the same size as a normal fuel tank (that's my understanding, but I'm open to correction). I now know that you also require batteries as a buffer between the hydrogen and to power the car, but surely not in any number near a pure electric car?

It’s hard to find info about fuel cell weight/ performance. I read somewhere that Honda have reduced the weight of their latest fuel cell by nearly 200kg, but the article didn’t give the final weight...

They look to be about the same size as an ICE:

I think buffer battery size would be dependant on motor demand and the generation capacity of the cell.

It looks like future fuel cells will use Nano technology to improve efficiency (while minimising the amount of Platinum and Palladium catalyst required). The same technology is being used to improve Li-ion battery design for pure EVs [edit - pajo1981 got there before me, and more detail, in the previous post ] - hopefully competition will accelerate development and improvement of both leading to truly practical ICE alternatives.

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old_aussie Registered User

This could be a better option(in the future)

Sure to piss off the oil producers.


kleefarr Registered User

Yeah, hydrogen is the way to go in my opinion.
Honda are way ahead in this department. Although that GM car looks much more adaptable. Cool.

grafter12 Registered User

This could be a better option(in the future)

Sure to piss off the oil producers.


I saw that concept on a programme back in the late 80's called Tomorrow's World and thought it was a cool idea back then. I always wondered what happend to the idea and it's good to see they have been working away on it since then.

kleefarr Registered User

Great programme that was.

reboot Registered User

thebman said:
The problem with the Leaf and other electric cars is quite simply distance on a charge sucks donkey balls.

People say, oh this will get better with time but it is useless now for most people. Even people that only occasionally want to go on a long distance journey would prefer to take their 30,000 car than have to leave it at home and take public transport.

They are particularly screwed if they want to go to an area public transport doesn't service as in a scenic area as these areas are very unlikely to have a fast charge station at them and your not going to be able to ask for a jump charge of a friendly passer by.

I was genuinely looking a getting the leaf as I'm looking to switch cars and held off until the prices and details were announced but it seems most of the negative press about it is completely accurate as it is also featured on Nissans website.

I take your point, and wonder if the introduction of the Renault Zoe at a much cheaper price down South might be a solution. It will charge from the 22kva points in half the time it takes a Leaf to charge AC. UK price around 13 K Sterling. Its a great little car.

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