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I got tickets to the Late Late for the 8th May... and I was wondering what to wear.

I know some people might think I am really sad - but we don't get out often and there are 4 of us going - do we dress up, down, we are going to go for dinner first and then over.

I'm 5 '7 size 12



Mary D Registered User

I went two months ago and I got done up. You have drinks before and after the show and most people are dressed up so you'd probably feel a bit out of place otherwise. It's a great nite, you'll be surprised at how small the studio is, so there's a fairly good chance you'll be on camera.

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Aard Registered User

I agree - get done up. Maybe a trip to the hairdresser beforehand. I'd wear whatever you'd wear to a fancy restaurant.

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tinkerbell Registered User

We went there a while ago and we just dressed nice, didn't go overboard or anything. There were some people there with cocktail gowns, dresses and the like! So do dress nice but you don't need to look like you're going to a ball or anything!

Oh and the studio is teeeeeeeeeeeny weeny tiny!

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anniehoo Registered User

What all of the above said...classy not flashy

Oh...whatever ye do ignore the cameras and monitors. I hate lookin at people gigglin seein themselves on the screen!

carolinei Registered User


I know I'm the same At least if any of ye are watching you'll know who to look out for as you know what I'm wearing

Now I'm wondering who is going to be on and is there any way you can find out.

I am getting excited - I told my mam (how sad am I ) and she is recording it !!!

Thanks for the feedback. Really looking forward to it now.

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