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Hi there,
My daughter will be doing her Junior Cert next year. Someone told me recently that she'll have to do an oral Irish exam as part of the exam next year. She didn't seem to be aware of this, so we'd just like to know if it's true?
Thanks in advance for your help

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I never heard of this.. Im doing my junior cert this year and i am not doing a oral this year anyways. I also have a sister that is doing her junior cert next year like your daughter and she has never mentioned this.. Its highly doubtful that the dept. of education would bring in an oral for the 2010 junior cert students as they would need the full three years to prepare for it.. If there was to be an oral, id say it would be in 2012 at the least, so dont worry!

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quote from department

The overall impact of the changes announced by the Minister represents a significant shift in proportion of marks from the aural and written examinations to the oral. The changes will also apply to the Junior Cert, where the oral examination is a school-based, optional exam. In the case of the Junior Cert oral, the marks will be doubled, from 20% to 40%.

At present, only a small number of schools organise the optional Junior Cert assessment, and where no oral exam is held, marks are awarded on the basis of the written paper and aural only.

With these changes applying to students enrolling in First Year in 2007 it means that in 2010, there will be 40% of marks available for optional oral at Junior Cert and 40% for the oral exam in the Leaving Cert in 2012.


So in a nutshell it's optional. The question is if your daughter's school decide to do the oral will she then be forced to do it or lose 40% if she doesn't do it. I'd say ring the school and establish if they are going to do it, and also if your daughter has the option not to do it if she doesn't want to.

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Hi again,
Thanks to both of you for answering my query. I'm actually pleased that the Department are bringing in the Oral for Jun Cert, as I'd persuaded my daughter to head to the Gaeltacht this June!
Now I'll have to try and find out if her school is one of the schools who have opted in to the Oral Exam.
Thanks again for taking the time to reply,

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Most schools dont do the oral because apparently they have to organise examiners themselves (At least my guidance teacher told me this) which the union (Not sure which one, its kinda obvious why though) are against.


im doind my junior cert now in ann irish school, we have four years untill junior cert. My School does the irish oral, personally its nothing to be worried about only a conversation with the examiner to see your capability of speaking the language.

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