ankles Registered User

Hi. Have an option to move to Blayney but work in city centre (Parnell Square). Anyone have an idea of the commute time? I have parking and if needs be can get in any time before 10. Is it the same time both directions? Also what route into town once you get to M50? Any answers welcome!

balliali Registered User

Why don't you check out the bus routes, esp
McConnon's Monaghan; (047)82020,
and some of the Donegal commuter buses e.g.
McGinley's; 074 9135201, etc, also
Bus Eireann. They all offfer good services, so have a wee nap and enjoy the trip. McConnons used to leave from Parnell Square each day.

ankles Registered User

I tend to need the car, I might check it out though. I see Mcconnons across the road all right. No idea of the commute then?

tannytantans Registered User

It really depends on the time of the day. I've never travelled up in rush hour but on a good day I could get from castleblaney town to the city centre in an hour and a half. In traffic you could add well over an hour to that I'd guess.....

ankles Registered User

Yikes. I was hoping maybe 90 minutes or so at rush hour. 45/50 minutes to M1/M50 so maybe an hour to end of Swords. After that I suppose I take my chances...

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