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Just wondering what Shoot em ups people loved in a movie.

Put up some youtube footage if you can find some.

Here is a few of mine

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That scene was fantastically over the top.

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I dont think i have laughed so hard in my entire life as a result of the following scene:

ok lets get serious !

And the following scene is pretty much all one take, insane

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GalwayKiefer Registered User

Damn, you bet me to it gandalf!

niceirishfella Registered User

+1 on heat, cracking shoot out that.


cant find the video on youtube but everyone should checkout A State Of Grace a mostly forgotten classic with a great shootout scene

gandalf Registered User

3000 Miles to Graceland.

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The entire Shoot Em Up film. Just an hour and a half of full on shooting. Unfortunately I can't post the entire film.

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GalKiefer said:
Damn, you bet me to it gandalf!

Beat me to it too. The thing that sends that HEAT scene to the top of my list is the sound: the echoes of assault rifles bouncing off the skyscrapers is just so wrong. It emphasises just how alienated these thieves are from polite society.

Another favourite, in 3 parts:

"Manny... bring me everyone."

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Overblood Registered User

Unarguably, without a shadow of a doubt: HEAT

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